TO CHECK ARRESTS CLAIM: Pelosi stopped at border, under arrest?

This is a stand alone message and more will be added to this page as it is discovered. Refer back later. We are at war for our very lives. Do your own research. I am posting this as it is from a reliable source and I for the life of me do not believe for […]


19 thoughts on “TO CHECK ARRESTS CLAIM: Pelosi stopped at border, under arrest?

  1. This is what I got on IM. Looking for more sources…
    “” Ron Watkins, he’s a high level cyber security guy works on the inside wrote earlier today:

    Things are moving today. Trump is at Cheyenne Mountain as we speak, looking at the evidence taken from Pelosi’s laptop real-time. My sources say Pelosi was stopped at the border last night at 11:55 and will be headed to an undisclosed location pending the tribunals and trails.

    Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are in front of military judges today. The 195K sealed indictments (I know there are higher numbers out there but not all are related to this op) and there will be sweeping arrests before the weekend is over.

    Everyone should stock up today and be prepared to hunker down for 10-12 days while the Trump Team takes action and the new Government is put in place.

    For those wondering, Pence did his duty. He did not betray Trump. Without his actions there would have been no insurrection. Now Trump has them where he wants them.

    Share this. Share on twitter and other social media outlets so real Patriots stay strong and stay the course and keep faith in Pence.

    The Storm is upon us “””

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