Be patient and touch not the Golden Calves of D.C.

When I first heard the prophecy of Amanda Grace on the “The Fall Of The Golden Calves” I didn’t finish listening to it. Instead, I actually drifted off from it and instead of finish listening to the end, I left the video to search for other information. Last night before bed I had an urge […]


3 thoughts on “Be patient and touch not the Golden Calves of D.C.

  1. What has come to me is be strong and very courageous. The other thing that came was an old Hymn written by H. Augustine Smith The second verse is very pertinent
    “Perish policy and cunning,
    Perish all that fears the light!
    Whether losing, whether winning,
    Trust in God and do the right!
    Some will hate the, some will love thee,
    Some will flatter, some will slight;
    Cease from man, and look above thee,—
    Trust in God, trust in good,
    Trust in God and do the right”

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  2. Stay faithful. Pray. God is still on His throne. He may be planning a turn around where the only explanation is that it was a miracle of God. That would be very much like Him – to awaken more sleepers and strengthen our faith.. Our faith May be undergoing a test. God’s ways are not mans’ ways. God said Trump gets four more years. “God is not a man that He should lie.” Num 23:19 “His word will not return void.” Isa 55:11

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