Q-four: yet another confirmation to my change of action-plan!

Thank you to all those blog readers and Facebook friends who send me links to items that may be of interest. In view of tight time-constraints, I quickly dip into textual items as they can be scan-read and instantly grasp their gist; whereas video clips sent ‘cold’ (without covering summary) must be for later – IF possible!

As told in ON CUE…, two emails atop my voluminous in-tray confirmed a change in tack to Monday’s planned blogging. I got prompted to write on a ‘specialist’ matter I learned about two months ago and which I’d thought of telling readers about, but my hands were fully occupied. And so Q-one, two and three were born or, more properly, appeared yesterday and got fitted together like jigsaw pieces.

Next priority was checking my personal Facebook notifications and messages, of which one from Andy Davies was a link to The Daily Trumpet. Astonishingly (HA!), its title was on what I’d intended blogging about!!! (See next post)

So OK, after that quick check I’d get back to it – but I got nudged’ to check out the site further and saw this notice on its far margin >>>>>>>>

So I replied to Andy, “WOWEEE just looked some more, spotted author’s background in About and saw the trumpet!!

“In their mid-week zoom meetings Catch The Fire Farnborough leaders got everyone to practice prophesying for one another. When it was my turn the pastor’s wife was first to speak:

“I keep having the words ‘Trumpet Call’ That’s all, and I think you’ll know what that means!”

(This relates to what her husband had given me last April.)

I ribbed Andy, “You’re stopping me getting on with my priority, which is along the SAME LINES!!! LOL LOL – SO this makes 3rd confirmation!”

In digging further I learn the site’s founder, Benjamin Jenkins, describes himself as “Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.”

[Puzzle by Jannoon028, courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net]

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