New Year’s Eve 2021 – prophecy fulfilled of ‘silent’ Big Ben marking Brexit (F/P #132)



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On 26th June 2017 Charles Shamp reported the Lord as telling him,

“My eye is upon this land and My hand upon the nation’s time, a kairos moment is about to come! I will cause a sign to come from Big Ben that will mark the moment that I have changed the time and season for the nation of England and the city of London.  Everything will stop and people will turn to see and hear. Tell My people to mark the moment when it comes to pass for it will be sign of great change in the land.”

Footnotes (27June 2017):
  • This famous symbol of Britain has featured increasingly in recent prophetic material.
  • It is not unprecedented for rare malfunctions or stoppages of the clock to happen at the same time as nationally relevant events; eg. on 27 May 2005 just prior to 40-days prayer for London called by Chuck Pierce after sighting sword over London prior to terrorist attack (see Library’s 2005: Big Ben Stops!).
  • That event was recalled by Revd Dr Sharon Stone in her ‘Clarion Call’ of 2013 about the need to get ‘in sync’ with heaven’s time and I surmised maintenance scheduled for 2017 could signify it’s time to get Britain back into proper working order, both politically and spiritually (see Significant Timing of Planned Stoppage of Big Ben).
  • 28/6 – I’d noted broadband was running at 1/3rd normal speed, which was probably a result of huge disruption caused by another cyber-attack across Europe & USA.
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8 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2021 – prophecy fulfilled of ‘silent’ Big Ben marking Brexit (F/P #132)

  1. I noticed, at the end of Big Ben’s strikes there was a long silence before the presenter spoke. It reminds me of how, in music, you are told to play the rests. Also that the greatest applause is a stunned silence following the last note. The silence was an awesome one. Probably few noticed it but it was a resounding silence.

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  2. And finally, Big Ben will not bong until 2022 after Covid delays restoration work
    “Millions of Britons marked the welcome end of a Covid-ravaged 2020 by listening to the familiar bongs of Big Ben on television as midnight struck on New Year’s Eve. But that could be the last time Big Ben – which also rang to mark the end of the Brexit transition period – is heard for months after Parliament’s authorities said an £80 million refurbishment of the Elizabeth Tower, which houses the Great Bell, will not be completed until 2022 at the earliest. Big Ben was first silenced in August 2017 for a four-year refurbishment costing £29 million. The Commons said then that it would “resume regular time-keeping duties in the course of 2021”. However, costs have nearly trebled since then, and Parliament’s authorities say a 2021 completion date now seems unlikely and a revised date for the conservation project “is expected in the New Year”. – Sunday Telegraph

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    • Thank you so much for copying that info and I tried to find article to copy-paste link but DT’s search facility doesn’t show it as an article. Problem with news feeds is difficulty of reading original article, which is whey I take screenshot when possible.


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