Insights into satanic strategy in the UK – 1: nest of snakes (GPS #55.2)

To continue from Abel Praise’s insights into how our adversary is operating in the root cause of USA’s voting fraud, we now look to our own nations. I’m grateful to the Lord for drawing my attention to Naomi Burrough’s entry of Saturday in Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival private group (and for her permission). Not only does it accord with what I’d just reblogged this morning of Murillo Morris, but it also reminds me of something noted below:

A call to intercessors; Let’s continue to push back the works of the enemy and pray a Great setback and unravelling and also for exposure to the enemies schemes to kill steal and destroy in Jesus’ mighty name!

Here from Rick Ridings, a vision and word he had on 22nd November is, I believe is very key at this time: The Epic Spiritual Battle in This World.

During the first lockdown I had a vision of a web of lies which represented the worlds systems, and I saw an over-all perspective of how these were all connected together by the Global elites, and ultimately The devil. I was reminded of a project I started (& never finished) 15-20 years ago (that I completely had forgot about) and I found the file in my garage with all the pictures in it, based on a vision of evil puppeteers and the people stuck in a delusional world, being controlled and having their strings pulled. I never realised the full extent or revelation of that until now! Here’s a M C Escher picture I printed back then, which is very much like the vision I had several months ago of the web.

A re-occurring theme is also The Lion Of Judah and The Lion is roaring!

“They hatch harmful plots like snake’s eggs and spin their lies like a spider spins its web. [I believe this is especially relevant to lying media] Whoever eats their ‘eggs’ dies and a poisonous snake gets hatched! Their ‘webs’ cannot substitute as clothing, they cannot cover themselves with the lies they spin, nor can their works cover themselves adequately. Their actions are evil, and the wages of violence is in their hands.” – Isaiah 59:5,6


A couple of other commentators attested to Naomi’s item and its application. I reacted “Your words and picture speak directly into very livid dream I had over 25 yrs ago about snakes in the grass, then in my desk at work. Next scene, I was given a table knife and ushered by my pastor into an operating theatre. There I saw two snakes strapped onto surgical tables, both having egg-shaped stomachs! My job was to slit their throats!!”

1 thought on “Insights into satanic strategy in the UK – 1: nest of snakes (GPS #55.2)

  1. A few years ago during an intercessor prayer trip we felt the Lord showing us that the United Kingdom was a land with strong anointing and that water snakes were swimming up through rivers and streams to attach themselves to those anointing. There was a sense of a usurping campaign. Latching on and then replacing those who were called and anointed. I so concur with what you have seen and heard.

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