American intercessor’s report from the ‘front lines’

A regular reader submits this ‘anon’ report from the ‘front lines’ (my terminology):


The level of violence being threatened against Trump supporters, government officials, and anyone seen as holding up Biden’s illegal ascension to the White House is outrageous.

We’ve never seen anything like this or imagined this could be happening. Trump is not conceding at all. He is allowing some potential preliminary protocols to forming a transitional team to take place. He’s doing this to save lives.

Antifa has announced that it will begin punishing Trump supporters this weekend, if Biden isn’t allowed to advance. It’s shocking! They are threatening the lives of those legally doing their jobs in the system. Unregistered weapons are being supplied to BLM and Antifa by someone. The organization is saying that it will be going into the cities and suburbs beginning this weekend with the intent to kill any opposition to their demands.

The evidence of massive, organized fraud keeping coming in, but treasonous Dem judges and governors are illegally blocking the processing by declaring that the Biden campaign won and refusing the evidence. This is a full-on coup attempt. Treasonous Republicans on the globalist and Chinese payrolls are doing likewise.

We need constant and intense prayers. We’ve never before seen this level of satanic operations and witchcraft. Only the Lord can bring the USA and Trump breakthrough.


For an introduction to the Soros-Obama anti-Trump OFA (Organization For Action) go to Fulfilled Prophecy #25.1 Worse Than Watergate Scandal Surfacing (25.1.2018)

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