Follow The Cloud – Tony Puccio

“I’ve seen this vision for a while now so I am going to post it.

“Imagine, if you will, a church building that had been destroyed and this will show what I saw in the vision. The church lay in ruins, no roof overhead, walls crumbled, but some pews remained intact. I saw people there and at first glance one would want to commend them for their faithfulness.

“However, what I saw next changed my perspective…

“I saw a cloud moving away from the destroyed church building. There were a few, and let me re-emphasize, a few saw the cloud and left, while the majority stayed in the destroyed church building. I saw nothing else around, ie, new church buildings.

“It was just the people who had chosen to follow the cloud wherever it was leading.  The Israelites followed the cloud. When it moved, they moved. When it rested, they rested. Like the church building in my vision those refusing to follow the cloud would be left basically in the desert to fend for themselves. Following the cloud is imperative in these last days as we are headed into uncharted territory. Those in the destroyed church building, although the cloud was no longer there, stayed because it was a place they were familiar with.

“The cloud represents a walk of faith, a giving-up the familiar and yielding to the unfamiliar. To not follow the cloud is to be in rebellion, face famine of hearing God’s Word, His presence.

“This vision started when I heard the Lord speak to my spirit saying the cloud is moving.”

Tony Puccio, 3rd June 2020, My Dreams and Visions

I comment as follows on his blog: “Obviously Tony this is the next part of your unfolding visions that I was blessed to cover a few weeks ago in connection with other ‘GPS’ from the Lord (A Directive: Urgent Word For The Global Church – GPS#47.4).
To my understanding, this fits with part of the directive pastor Thomas Harry of Falkirk, Scotland, received. Under section ‘Unprecedented Signs & Wonders’ he writes,
‘Christianity as we have known it and church as we have known it is over. God has saved His best for last and we will be unrecognisable in both our identity and how we operate’.”

Tony replies: “To quote prophet Daniel, ‘those who know their God will do exploits’.”

4 thoughts on “Follow The Cloud – Tony Puccio

  1. This lines up with something the Lord was showing me this morning about writing a book that’s been sitting in my heart for the past twenty years. It will be about how the new move of God will look more like gatherings of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in the sense that addicts must learn to depend fully on Him and break life down to one day at a time, to get past their addiction. In AA the addiction was alcohol; in the ‘called out ones’ it’s more about being addicted to ‘church as usual’ as well as money and materialism. It”s necessary to find a personal relationship with the Lord rather than having someone called a preacher or pastor tell us what to believe while expecting payment. No more hired hands, only good shepherds who lay down their lives for the sheep and know how to serve everyone else,one day at a time.

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  2. This also fits with what God seemed to be telling me a few months ago. The message was that the revival is going to take place regardless of what we do. If we stay stuck in our church building – individually or as a group – we are going to miss out on being part of it. We have to get “out there”. The message seemed to be aimed specifically at my church, although I assume it has a more general application too.

    I shared that with my rector, who said that around the same time he had been in prayer with a leader from another church down the road, who received a very similar “word”.

    I may be wrong, but it seems to me that in the prophecies with this kind of message, the building itself is almost always significant. It’s so common that I wonder whether their significance goes beyond just being representative of religiosity etc (there are many other ways of representing that, after all), and also means something more specific which we haven’t cottoned onto yet – perhaps literally relating to the use of church buildings in the future.

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  3. Separately – as I don’t know where else to post this – I wonder if you’ve seen this Richard?

    What I find particularly interesting is how the article emphasises that this uptick in interest in God online seems to be restricted to our country at the moment – which fits in with the generality of prophecies you’ve posted, at least since I’ve been reading your site:

    “Interestingly, the shifts in the UK for these three terms are not matched if you do the same search for the USA, France, Germany or China. There does seem to be something special happening here.”

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