Frank Sui has fun with the Lord’s numbers too (two!)!!

You may recall Frank Sui’s meeting with Prime Minster Johnson in the lead-up to the General Election and the word he gave him from the Lord. I caught up yesterday with a couple of Veronika West’s prophecies and noted a personal aspect of number 22 that the Lord had pointed out to her and that the earlier one was timed at 12:12.

SO, I was amused upon reading what Frank had posted very early today on Facebook and grateful for his kind permission to republish (editorial formatting added):

‘In recent months I’ve been seeing a lot of double numbers on my phone, oven and even microwave while running – 12:12, 14:14, 15:15, 17:17, 21:21, 22:22 etc.

‘When I wrote the article about Boris Johnson I wrote it overnight, and the few times I looked at the time on the computer, they read ’01:01′, ’02:02′, ’03:03’, ’04:04’… I won’t count 05:05 because by 5am I was watching the clock by the seconds. 😂 I was like, “What is going on?” And the Lord said, “It all comes in twos!” In this new season, everything comes in twos.

‘Modern-day prophetic has a lot of jargon and you can pretty much predict without being prophetic. I hate that. So one of my goals in the beginning of this year was to make it through to March without mentioning “2020 Vision” – And guess what, I failed by the 3rd of January. The Lord said, “You really want to have a 2020 vision because I ‘am’ doing a new thing.”

He gave me a few Scriptures for this year, and notice they’re all in 2s.

2 Chronicles 20:20Trust in the Lord and you’ll be established, believe His prophets and you will prosper.

‘Habakkuk 2:2Write down the vision, make it plain so that he who reads may run with it.

‘Mark 2:22No-one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.

‘God is doing a new thing in 2020. We will be established if we trust Him, but we will prosper if we believe what He is saying through prophetic voices. (BTW, how many churches are still standing against Brexit for “social justice” reasons despite that every prophetic voice is shouting otherwise from the rooftops? Just sayin’!) If we want to prosper we need to get on-board with what He’s doing.

‘Then, in the light of knowing what He is doing, we need to have a vision for ourselves. And we need to write it down. What are we believing for? Make it plain, so that those around us can read and understand and stand with us in prayer.

‘Lastly, believing for new things is not enough. We need to position ourselves for them. We need new wineskin for new wine. What do we need to adjust in our lives to see these promises come to pass?

‘As for me, I have decided to take 40 days to focus on seeking God for this year. Without planning, I started at sundown on 2 January (there’s the number 2 again), and ending on the 11 [two ones, RB] February at sundown – which is effectively the 12th February. Paul Cain died a year ago on 12 Feb, and it was 7 Adar on Hebrew calendar, the day Moses died according to Jewish traditions. I’m just sayin’!

‘Paul Cain was a Moses figure for the end-time Stadium Revival vision, and there’s been a lot of talks about the Joshua Generation. When Moses dies, you know it’s time for a Joshua Generation to rise and take the Promised Land. (If you’re alive you’re part of this generation.) I’m just sayin’!

‘All the numbers, times and dates are falling into places in such perfect ways without planning. It’s up to you to decide whether God is speaking or not. I’m just sayin’!’

My reaction was to inform Frank of the prophetic word Leisa Ebere brought on October 2017, and which I’ve oft quoted: “2018, I will impart to My Prophets the ability to see clearly ‘My Numbers’, such as dates, times and even denominations of money as I loose significant detail…”

PS. If interested in more, see Fun with ‘God’s Numbers’ – and He joins in the play!

[As I saved this draft I noted time is 13:13 – so, scheduled publication for 13:31]

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