‘God-smacked’ – just read Lana Vawser’s word of Christmas Eve!!

In spending the full day on blogging and FB messages plus trying to sort out pc security issue, I’m getting trying to get through my 100+ emails of the past 10 days only to now come across this one from Lana Vawser issued on 24th December…and to what did I refer in my first blog of this New Year 2020?  ‘My contemplation of Genesis 1:0 – that’s right, you read right – before ‘The Beginning’,’  which has been my nightly practice for  going to sleep!!

Bye ’til next week and be mightily blessed…


‘At the start of last week I had an encounter with the Lord and He showed me large books and on the front of the book it said “BOOKS OF BEGINNINGS”. The Lord showed me that in this new era there are going to be many BEGINNINGS.

BEGINNINGS: the point in time or space at which something begins.
SYNONYMNS: dawn, birth, inception, conception, origination, genesis, emergence, rise, start, starting point, launch, onset, outset, unfolding, development, developing, debut, kick-off, commencement, opening
(Definition taken from Google)

The Lord spoke to me that in 2020 there are going to be multiple BEGINNINGS and BIRTHINGS. We have entered into a new era, a new beginning and in 2020 there is going to be a dawning, a rising, a launching, an unfolding, an opening that is going to take place like never before.

There is going to be clarity and development of vision like never before. There is going to be the manifestation of things God has said in the dark, come into the light in their manifestation.

There will be significant birthing of promises in 2020 and monumental upgrades, and there will also be conception of new vision from the Lord. New assignments and commissions….continue reading Lana’s full post by clicking here.

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