Leisa Ebere: the plagues of Australia prophecy

Just after my closing down for the weekend Leisa emailed this Thursday evening:

‘I was asked recently by someone close to the Prime Minister of Australia for a Word concerning the terrible fires raging in that country and this what the Lord gave me:


given to Leisa Ebere on 2nd January 2020

‘I had a vision a few nights ago, of millions of diseased rabbits across the country of Australia. And as I prayed, I heard the Lord say:

“The locust plague has come, the infestation of rabbits has come, the drought has come and now, the fires have come, as judgement across the land of Australia has been allowed by My Sovereign Hand. What will it take to root out the child abuse there that has caused such pain and such torment? The institutions are rife with the Spirit of Molech capturing whole generations with the abominations of the enemy. National Repentance and laws actioned in righteousness are the only solutions to halt this carnage,” declared the Lord of Hosts. “This is the Word of the Lord.”

‘Let us Pray that this Word is acted upon for the sake of that dear country and its people.’

Blessings, Leisa Ebere

Also, see this which refers to the sins of Sydney >Vision of Golden Rods Prophecy

4 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: the plagues of Australia prophecy

  1. Leisa I have been astounded by the ferocity of these fires.
    Australia has been known as the lucky country.
    The smoke has drifted across to NZ where I live.
    As you say in the Plagues of Australia Prophecy judgement is come by HIS sovereign hand.
    He is the I AM,
    Praise the I AM.

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  2. Happy New Year Richard and to your readers.

    Leisa’s word corroborates the revelation and prophecy brought through Daniel Nalliah, see here http://reformationharvestfire.com/2019/12/urgent-prayer-meetings-called-regarding-the-bushfires/
    and in the linked video in which he also talks about the Israel Falou case and its direct link to their own ministry’s breakthrough legal case – the recording is bad but gets easier to hear. I believe Daniel Nalliah to have been raised up as apostle in Australia.

    I think Nalliah’s on-the-ground insight puts Leisa’s word in a fuller context. Note that he stresses that in the judgement, the message is in fact to the church in Australia who need to act as Esther and not like Jonah. There are forces of darkness (witches and warlocks) who want to fan these fires into far greater disaster but are there also those believers who will find the heart of God for the people of Australia even in the midst of such judgement?

    Also see the word given by Chris Hackett in 2014 about Mallacoota from where 4,000 people recently fled to the beach and had to be evacuated. A recent miracle took place there as believers on that beach prayed (including a YWAM team) and God sent a deliverance wind of change that saved all those stranded – this is a significant sign (picture) to the church in Australia. As Chris says Mallacoota is historically associated with the coastal defense of the nation and “there has not been an adequate spiritual hedge”. Please pray that God will raise up those who stand in the gap in this dreadful and critical hour for the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. Scroll down to Chris’s prophecy here

    There is movement in the UK to for the same abortion-to-birth laws that have been passed in Australia. Let’s take these sober lessons to heart and realise the authority we have as believers – and the responsibility to guard the gates.

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  3. Like Alex, I live in New Zealand and it was a very strange day 1st January 2020 to have a dark yellow sky and stillness. It did feel very apocalyptic.
    Australian PM Scott Morrison is an evangelical Christian and is being extensively attacked for this crisis. I have since read that poor forestry management practices have caused the spread of these fires and its seems as a result of the appeasement of the Green activists who are opposed to forestry management.


    • Phil,
      You might have experienced the red glow that has hit NZ today 6/1/20. Apocalypse now, very eerie.
      Chris Hacketts word about Mallacoota spot on.
      NZ is very tied up with Australia, we feel it.
      Our defense force and firemen have gone over to help.
      We admire Scomo because he talks sense usually unlike the green leaning leader here.


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