Bercow wants to hear Boris barrack the saboteurs!

Rarely do I waste valuable time watching the news, political commentaries or boorishly childish antics in Parliament, much preferring BBC2’s Eggheads competition, I turned channels to catch intro to BBC1 – South Today but caught sight of breaking news as the PM began to break into his best-ever barracking of those Members of Parliament who, as “saboteurs”, betrayed the biggest vote in British history by continually denying Brexit and thereby dishonour themselves.

Even he who perverted the impartiality of the office of Speaker, John Bercow, wanted to hear the Prime Minister present his case and repeatedly had to silence the tumultuous House several times so that he could hear and listen to him clearly.

I’m unable to attach a link to BBC News live video but encourage you to use this link and watch brief selection; or else read the Telegraph’s Brexit news feed: Boris Johnson says ‘paralysed’ Parliament will keep ‘sabotaging’ Brexit as he challenges all opponents to table motion of no confidence (with consequential general election).

It is now time for the people to elect a fresh government of this nation to disconnect us amicably from the EU.

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