Leisa Ebere: ‘No-deal’ Brexit Revelation

Upon informing Leisa of my publishing the Declaration of Change Prophecy, she replied immediately as follows and, as usual, readers are to weigh personally with the Lord:

‘Thanks Richard, I had a definite revelation from the Lord on 04/09/19 (before the government vote) concerning Boris Johnson and the No Deal Brexit proposition. But as with all political revelations from the Lord, it will seem controversial to some. So please let me know if you don’t feel you wish to publish it?

‘The Lord showed me with some degree of urgency from the Holy Spirit… that the No Deal Brexit orchestrated by Boris Johnson and his followers, is actually a Sanballat manoeuvre and a distraction from the enemy, and that it has been causing confusion and strife within the Body of Christ and the UK.

‘He further showed me, that He will be providing a way for the UK to leave the EU; but that the time is not yet; and that if this is forced through… it will be damaging to the UK.

‘He also showed me a few days later, that there was pressure being exerted upon Boris Johnson to force the No Deal Brexit through, and I sensed these outside sources had a definite agenda. And I saw by the spirit, money being passed under a table.

‘Furthermore, the Lord showed me that His will was for us to follow the Norway Model in order for the UK to separate themselves from the EU. For this will enable us to keep open means of communication to have an influence on trade, communication and indeed travel, as the UK acts as a springboard country for revival across the Nordic and European nations in the future.’

Bless you,
Leisa Ebere
Torchlighters International Ministry

[My reply: Yes this is v. important for I’m only too aware of that confusion in the faithful. I have no problem with being controversial and have been taken to task for it, but I’m a watcher and disseminator. It’s for readers to weigh and discern and, when able, I check which words have proved accurate, or are on course for being fulfilled.]

19 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: ‘No-deal’ Brexit Revelation

  1. I have reservations about this. 1) Boris Johnson is not pursung No Deal. His idea was to use the threat of No deal to force the EU to compromise on the backstop. He has now been prevented from that. The media have deliberately been misreporting his position. 2) The Norway model is following all the EU rules and regulations and paying into the EU but having no seat round the table. It is probably the worst possible option. Canada is much better. That is complying with standards in order to trade while being a totally independent country. (Norway actually voted twice not to join the EU but its politicians have aligned the nation with the EU and have gone as far as they can without actually joining. It’s utterly wrong and certainly not a model we want.)

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  2. I agree with Sid re the “No deal” being a weapon to use against the EU. I’m sure Boris definitely wants a deal but by taking No Deal off the table his hands have been tied. I also believe the Norway model is not for us – the reasons which Sid has pointed out are my points against it as well. Also, there was a time early on after the referendum when Norway warned us NOT to go down the same route as it would tie us to the EU as Sid points out. I do not think it would be right for us at all. We voted to Leave everything which ties us to the EU and the Norway path would not do that.

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  3. Hi Richard I had trouble logging in to paste a comment on this post, hence I have replied here. I was thankful to read other comments over this word this morning as I have had such a heaviness since reading it, placing it before the Lord and really saying well Lord if its what You want… However having read two of the replies which rather are more in line with what I have ‘felt’ and this morning the bank of England saying that a no deal is NOT going to be as catestrophic as has been feared, I feel somewhat relieved. I had also been trying to ‘fit’ this with the dream about Boris sitting on the old antique chair and then being asked to sit on Churchill’s chair. Also, the lady thing that I and many others would feel that this nation wants us a Norway style deal. Much better a Canadian one or just free trade. Also I don’t get why there would be money under the table for a no deal. For remain yes, but for a no deal? Father if I’m wrong then Lord pls correct me but…. Doesn’t sit right with me.

    Blessings and I will get that dream to you)

    Love Jane and Andrew Ps. You’re still welcome to come visit. Would be really good to have you!

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  4. Hello Richard – just to add my two penn’orth!

    I share your other readers’ political concerns with a Norway-style arrangement. But what bothers me more about this prophecy is that it doesn’t seem to fit in with a great many others, such as that Veronika West one about small icebergs calving off a larger glacier, and in particular all those prophecies saying that, once other countries see how well Britain does outside the EU, will also leave and the whole thing will collapse.

    Norway-style membership appears to imply the continuation of the EU as an ongoing concern, and seems unlikely to represent independence in a way that would chime with all those prophecies about cutting off roots, tentacles, chains etc. I just can’t see how it would fit in with the general warp and weft of prophecies over the last few years. But then what do I know..!

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    • Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your feedback but after years of teaching prophetic schools and prophesying myself, I have come to the conclusion, you cannot truly correct a prophetic word, if it has not yet come to pass. Prophetic words can be regarding the past, present and future. And we must be open to God’s master plan; as we all just see in part, and don’t always understand His true purposes. I clearly heard Norway from the Lord, but I apologise if my personal comments meant for Richard’s eyes alone, concerning my surety about the revelation offended anyone. Bless you, Leisa Ebere

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  5. I do not want to comment on the content itself. In my experience, most such comments simply rehearse and rehash the same old political opinions that can be found in 1001 places on the internet – sometimes with an overt “I believe the Lord is saying” or a more subtle “That cannot be right because it will affect the poor the most and God would never do that” (without ever justifying either assumption) to provide some Christian gloss and legitimacy.

    However I thought “I had a definite revelation from the Lord …” to be a most bold and potentially dangerous claim. Does she really have the right to use the word “definite”? Does her track record warrant it? Would she have made the statement were we still stoning prophets who got it wrong?

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  6. The EFTA states in the EEA only follow 25% of the EU acquis and importantly, take their own seats on global trade bodies etc.

    Having followed the work of North and Booker, it is arguable that a no deal Brexit could see us back in the EU in a short space of time.

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  7. It is my opinion that prophetic insight cannot be truly understood in natural terms. And if we are going to sincerely weigh words: then we should do it through the Father’s eyes not through our political opinions or biases. Let us see what the future holds. If the Norway model is what God has in mind for us then the Lord has purpose in it. Thanks Bertram

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    • Further, for those of you who don’t know of my background. I have been in ministry for over 35 years, and have prophesied since I was 14 years old and I was ordained with Christian international in America. And I have worked very closely in the past with Sharon Stone. I now travel the nations teaching, preaching, prophesying and readying the nations for revival. To God Be the Glory,

      Leisa Ebere, Torchlighters International Ministry

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  8. I am not sure that the above comments from readers come under the heading of political bias; they are simply relating facts. Where facts in a prophecy need correcting, we should do this. The great thing about your work, Richard, is that you keep us in the picture by showing us what many different people are saying. Thanks

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    • Thank you for your comments but having spent years teaching prophetic schools and prophesying myself, the point i was making is that often we don’t understand God’s plans and purposes until they unfold. A prophecy cannot be corrected, as you say, if it is yet to come to pass. Prophetic words can look at the past, present and future. And regardless of our opinions we must to open to God’s master plan.
      Bless you,.

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