Leisa Ebere: The Edge of Revival Prophecy

Since publishing her ‘no-deal’ Brexit revelation (notably significant in registering 212 direct views at the moment), Leisa advised me to revisit Jarrod Cooper’s prophecy, and I recall a prophet’s recent, risky word that’s open for early confirmation of accuracy.  It speaks of a UK-Eire deal by the New Year. Late last night Leisa writes with more:

‘Sorry to add a bit more Richard, but the Lord has been speaking to me for hours tonight and here is more of what He has said:


given to Leisa Ebere 11/09/19

“I stand at the edge of the landscape of many nations and see transformation,” says God. “Hatred and Division shall be no more as the imprint of My Spirit makes an indelible impression upon My Remnant and they forge ahead with My Presence and My Authority and bring My mercy, patience and love across the nations of the Earth. My trumpet is sounding as my armies are being assembled,” says the Lord. “And My ways shall not be scrutinized by Man, as critical eyes and complaining tongues seek to understand things of the Spirit in natural ways. Align your spirits and minds with My Purposes and all will become clear.”

17 thoughts on “Leisa Ebere: The Edge of Revival Prophecy

  1. I’m actually moving away from charismatic prophecy these days. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot of vagueness and my faith has not been the same since the atheistic attacks over at AATW. I’ve decided to keep my faith simple for the time being, cling to God and leave the rest alone.

    I believe in our loyalty to reason. Christians are called to have a reasonable faith; I believe Brexit can be justified by reference to reason and accepted principles of law and liberty that were not controversial until recent times, when progressivism, Marxism, etc caused people to depart from orthodoxy.

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    • Really appreciate your comments and decision Nicholas, and I’ve taken some flack from our brethren. However, Jesus told us to check the outcome of prophecy (Matt 7:15-20). So it’s a testing time for them all, which is why I believe it’s only right to cover controversial ones.

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          • True prophets will give true prophecies. False prophets, like Balaam who caused Israel to sin, may also give true prophecies. Thus, fruit relates to the character of the prophet and not to to the truth of the prophecy.

            Balaam is mentioned also three times in the New Testament by Peter, Jude and John. The Old Testament is instructive in giving warnings to the Church, but these are later reiterated for us by the apostles.


          • Nevertheless Mark citing scripture for today does not mean it always applies for every new situation, and we still have to await the outcome. You jump the gun in your personal judgment and I recommend you follow the Lord’s direct command not to judge. (Btw, all of Matt 7 applies to prophecy.)
            Also note Leisa’s responses on ‘No deal’ thread.


          • Misunderstandings may arise in the absence of face to face communication, and I am somewhat taken aback by your comments.

            I was not referring to a particular prophecy, let alone a person, and before writing my response to your general comment I had not even read the particular prophecy to which you now refer.

            I was referring instead to a general scriptural principle about judging prophecy, which was written in response to your own general statement about judging prophecy, which was based on a reference to Matthew 7:15-20, but which I regarded to be a misinterpretation.


      • In light of recent comments on this I have scanned through a multitude of websites looking for an alternative prophetic view that the UK will stay in the EU but I can not find one. I think after reading the many articles that you have brought to our attention the thing that resonates most is the prophetic vision is the hidden motives of UK parliamentarians that are gradually being brought to light. God has exposed a pit of snakes and your highlighted prophecy has said this will happen.
        This week Ireland and the UK have started talking about an agricultural deal and in Northern Ireland the DUP is seemingly more open to an Ireland only customs deal. Again the prophecy has talked of this coming together to find a solution.

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    • Nicholas, I agree entirely with what you say. I would add that our faith is in Christ alone. Various prophecies about secondary things – even if they are true – can be a major distraction. By reading His written word and by waiting on Him with an attentive ear, we get to know His voice. May God bless you and keep you!

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  2. God is not a God of confusion, if God says separate yourselves, he means exactly that. He doesn’t do half in half out. The Israelites where taken completely out of Egypt. When God says come out of her my people, he means exactly that. When God says he’s going to separate the sheep from the goats that’s exactly what he means. God doesn’t do grey areas, and if he starts a job he brings it to completion.

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  3. From Yvonne Coombs, via blog FBk on 15 Sept:

    ‘I don’t know why you noted the 212 views Richard but I’ve had this logged for personal revelation and feel to share if it brings anything for you.

    ‘David and Samuel appointed 212 gatekeepers for “positions of trust” in guarding the temple of the Lord (1 Chronicles 9:22), and those so appointed rotated through week-long assignments (verse 25). Verses 26–29 speak of the four principal gatekeepers, “who . . . were entrusted with the responsibility for the rooms and treasuries in the house of God. They would spend the night stationed around the house of God, because they had to guard it; and they had charge of the key for opening it each morning. Some of them were in charge of the articles used in the temple service; they counted them when they were brought in and when they were taken out. Others were assigned to take care of the furnishings and all the other articles of the sanctuary, as well as the special flour and wine, and the olive oil, incense and spices.” Temple gatekeepers were in charge of who went in and who went out. They ensured order and reverence for God’s house.
    When King David Sat ‘In the Gate,’ What Did That Mean?
    ‘Gates’ in biblical Israel weren’t just a doorway into the city. They were where prophets cried out and kings judged, and people met, like in the ancient city of Dan.

    212 meaning-
    It’s hot, but God is with you in the heat! Things are getting hot spiritually and transformation will take place. Let his fire transform your heart and the circumstances around you.

    212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees celsius) is the boiling point for water (at standard atmospheric pressure) implying transformation by heat/fire. Things are heating up and this will bubble over and bring transformation/change. Listen to God’s voice attentively as things are transforming around you.)

    My reply 16 Sept:
    ACE. Thank you so much for this and taking time to tell me Yvonne for I hadn’t realised the scriptural aspect – not only the quantity but also actual verse number are BOTH of personal relevance. Thus, your logging 212 is noteworthy.

    It ‘just so happens’ I saw the statistics for that prophecy, but then got nudged to refer to them. I wondered if it somehow may indicate the word is worthy of close consideration – and if so then perhaps someone may confirm it.

    If you’ve since been able to read my testimony of encountering Jesus and spotted the dream’s location address and then the 3 validations, you may have noted further references to 212. And my birth-date is 22nd; hence 1 Chron 9:22 relevance!!


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