GPS #34.4: Vision of lightning and lights across the UK

Further to the preceding ‘Global Prophecy Signals #34‘ on the same theme relating to the 1967 visions of Jean Darnall, I thank you Lord for this vision Angela Samuel posted on the Fb’s Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival and associated UK Prophetic Words.

Angela prefaces the first, “I feel such an urgency with this Vision I was given last night; thank you Jesus.” and concludes “Thank you Lord, We give you All the Glory, honour and Praise; we are broken vessels to be used for Your Glory. Amen.”

From an original painting by James Mark Long


As I was going to sleep last night, praying for my family, friends and my nation the UK, I started sensing I was soaring high above; I was seeing through the eyes of an eagle.

As I watched I was flying over land; I asked the Holy Spirit “Where am I Lord?”

I then saw it was a map the UK. I then started seeing flashes of lightning coming out of the sky, like a pulse, quick.

Then I saw pinpoints on this map, I saw lights being lit, in different parts of the UK.

As I prayed for more clarity I heard, “Lands End, John O’Groats.”

There, I saw a Fire Burning Bright and from there other lights were being lit from this Fire, other places being pinpointed.

I prayed and I was taken back to a Vision I had in 2014 where I saw saints coming over a hill to be witnesses for what God had done in their lives.

As I was taken back into that vision I heard, “CALL FORTH THE WITNESSES!”

I feel in my Spirit a ‘Suddenly’ moment is about to happen, we are in a Time of Suddenlies.

Angela Samuel, 25th June 2019

aurora-uk_2192580k_Image credit Telegraph

Note: as one of the four symbolic ‘icons’ in the Bible, eg. ‘Four Faces of God‘, Ezekiel’s and John’s visions of four living creatures and faces of seraphim, and of the Gospels, the eagle is symbolic of prophecy and the prophetic office, which became evident in my first encounter with spoken prophecy, as recounted in Why Write/Blog?

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