God is moving across nations – The Land of Cherry Blossoms Prophecy

In his message to Fleet Baptist Church on Sunday, visiting guest speaker John Arnott spoke about Holy Spirit’s presence manifesting in power in churches across Russia, Siberia, Mexico and Brazil, as He did in that morning’s service.

It’s notable how that news fits with what Leisa Ebere says in her email of Friday on her dreaming many times in the last few months on how Father God is reshaping nations, and thus positioning and readying His people for Revival.

For example, whilst in Strasbourg Leisa dreamed of a French couple unknown to her, but God gave her their names and where to find them. She “released the prophetic dream as it contained both direction and encouragement,” stressing, “not to leave France as He has work for you to do.” She’s since learned that Father, “opened up tremendous doors for this couple in high-ranking places…”

Also, last week He gave her this dream about the nation of Japan:


given to Leisa Ebere, 19 June 2019

The Lord says: “The marshlands that have been allowed to take precedence in the spirit realm shall no longer have the upper hand across the nation of Japan and many nations of the Earth. For I am releasing a stabilizing anointing of My Spirit in the Land of the cherry blossoms, to cause the shifting ground to stand still; as My People rise to stand in their appointed places. The harassment of the enemy shall be halted and fertile ground be established,” says the Lord.

“Heed not the calculations of man, for only I hold the keys to the future. A mighty war cry shall be heard, as I rally My People to perform mighty exploits in the days ahead; and visionaries shall receive clarity and lead My People to victory in that place. The dark habitation which has been the continual frustration of My People in Japan shall be a former thing that passes away,” says the Living God. “For better days for My Remnant are at hand,” says the Lord. “But the breaking of the cast-iron fixtures formed and shaped by man must begin,” says the Lord, “for I shall have no other gods before Me. Receive My Freedom and Receive My Blessings,” says the Lord, “as you choose to walk a new path of righteousness. Break forth with singing, My sons and daughters, for I am sending delivering angels to avenge your pain,” says the Lord of Hosts.

Leisa Ebere, 21st June 2019
Torchlighter International Ministry

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