GPS #34.1: Discern carefully between the two winds

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In re-blogging the two visions perceived by Tony Puccio last Wednesday and Thursday I referred to the latter, of a tornado or whirlwind affecting churches by stripping them to their foundations, as coincidentally following a related one posted by Mary Carpenter Burt (Word and Spirit International Ministries) on Facebook group Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival. (Tony assures me he doesn’t access Fb for work-related reasons.)  Mary kindly permits to republish what she received from the Lord:

“There are 2 winds blowing, says the Lord, “My Wind and the other. Discern between the two. Unless you ‘see’ and hear’ in and by My Spirit, you will be carried away by the wrong wind.

“Take time to ‘wait’ on Me. Do not be so quick to embrace. ‘Wait’ and again I say ‘wait’. You ‘feel’ but you do not ‘know’. When you hear the ‘call’ then respond. But unless you learn to ‘wait’, you will not ‘hear’ and you will not be in ‘position’ to catch My Wind. I need to take My people to another place of intimacy where My Breath becomes their life. For you see, My Wind is Breath and the other death. Wait I say, for My Breath and live.”

Mary Carpenter Burt, 18th June 2019.

  1. Now all three ‘God-incidental’ reports, or God’s ‘Global Prophecy Signals’, are available I’ve renumbered their titles in sequence of receipt. So, although posted last, this word of last Tuesday is first, making Tony’s of Thursday second and then  Veronika’s of Friday is third – it may prove helpful to re-read them in sequence.
  2. Reading an earlier contact from Mary clarifying a word her father Arthur carried since 1937, I note my blog on this refers to a ‘Two Winds’ prophecy and wherein I write, ‘The tornado forces of that First Wind could be like…’.

2 thoughts on “GPS #34.1: Discern carefully between the two winds

  1. This reminded me of Veronika West’s word about waiting for the LORD to fulfil what He said He would do in His own good time and not trying to achieve it ourselves – though I think we are permitted to pray.

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