Not many people know – more true news about Trump

Here’s three items spotted over weekend and popped onto my personal Fb profile, click Links below photos for source. Be sure to read last one’s reference to President Trump starting all cabinet meetings with prayer!:

Source: Meme

Source: CBN News

Source: Fox News

6 thoughts on “Not many people know – more true news about Trump

  1. Rick Davis remarks on Fb to the first item:
    ‘Back in the late 70s/early 80s there was a push for Christians to get involved in politics. Most of us were naive then. I pray that Christians won’t be so naive now. I also believe that as well as voting in elections, Christians must ask for our Father’s Heart and wisdom from above, then vote in Heaven through prayer for those things Holy Spirit shows them. That is more powerful than earthly political voting — but also vote in the earthly political elections.’

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    • Rick replies (Fbook):
      ‘In that first election when Trump ran and I still lived in the USA, all I knew of him was what I had seen briefly on TV, and I didn’t like him. But when I went to the polls faced with Trump or Clinton, basically, all I knew to do was to ask God who to vote for, because I knew I had no idea what was the best for us in the USA. I clearly heard to vote for Trump, and obeyed, though I still didn’t like him, personally. But I obeyed, and am thankful that I did. Our job is to ask God and to obey Him, regardless of our own views. That is incredibly difficult for most Western Christians who usually don’t ask anything unless they are in trouble, and only go on their intellect, which I have fund in my own case, is faulty compared to God’s. (LOL!)

      ‘NIcholas’s proposal is really what needs to happen for complete unity in a prayer meeting, and (as Miracle Max said in the Princess Bride), “It would take a miracle!” All we may be able to agree upon is “May the will of the Lord be done.” But it may be that that approach must be tried somewhere. The best I have seen of a citywide Church praying in unity is asking them to pray for a certain non-political outcome to a situation and letting each local church’s pray-ers pray the way they know to. However, God says He will do a new thing that we can’t imagine. This would be one of those things I find it hard to imagine happening on a widespread basis. ‘


  2. One issue we must deal with is political division among Christians. Like the AA credo says, “The first step is admitting [we] have a problem.” We are divided, tied into ideologies, ensnared by the devil and our own past experiences. One of my desires is to actually have debate/discussion as part of prayer meetings so that people’s minds can meet and then they can go into prayer unified. At the moment we are all so paranoid about splits that our prayers are very vague so as not to offend anyone – that kind of prayer needs to move into specificity and more direct appeal to God about what He wants for us.

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