Monday videos — more on the legality of Brexit Day

A thought-provoking British video being aired far over ‘the Pond’…Note also there are  strong grounds upon which a fourth vote on the PM’s ‘deal’ or Withdrawal Agreement  necessitates new, legal authorisation!

Has Britain already Brexited? According to some lawyers, yes. Here’s how they lay it out. My opinion? According to the law, I think they are right. I also think that will make no difference to the case. Britain’s politicians have been hanging about in Brussels too much to understand that all are under the law. […]

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3 thoughts on “Monday videos — more on the legality of Brexit Day

  1. They literally do not care about law or propriety. It is all about raw power now. The next time this country starts lecturing someone else about “democracy” that person will just laugh in our face.
    Hopefully some enterprising person will develop a banana export business as befits our new political status.

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