Prophetic painting of the Lion and Eagle, with Big Ben!!

“Trust in Me! I go before you Great Britain and MY WILL BE DONE!”

This striking picture by Yvonne Coombs was painted under holy inspiration and, according to Veronika West, she had NOT seen the words she’d posted the previous morning (and which featured in Tuesday’s blog, 12th March). Therefore, first read Veronika’s note posted Tuesday evening, followed by Yvonne’s account of painting TWO pictures:

‘This morning I shared how during a time of prayer for Great Britain I heard the Lion of Judah Roar and then I saw the Great Eagles Rise And Soar, And then I heard the Spirit say, “WATCH THE LION AND EAGLE SHALL ROAR AND SOAR IN THIS LAND AND THE TWO SHALL COME TOGETHER AS ONE”

‘CHECK THIS OUT; Yvonne Coombs was led to paint this incredible picture today and had NOT SEEN the word I posted this morning, she has only just posted this picture of the LION AND THE EAGLE…! 


So I did check it out right away and contacted Yvonne for permission to publish. It’s so  marvelous how things of the Lord work out because, upon going to this blog’s Facebook (business-type page) on Monday, I’d found a brand-new layout design with junk I could easily clear. Yet I noticed it included a personal profile for me that I’d never used as it wouldn’t link into the blog’s Fb. And this layout included Messenger, which I’ve also never needed to use, but on Wednesday morning I found I could do so and sent a  message to Yvonne. An answer was soon forthcoming.

Six hours later, during my half-hour drive from the south coast, I recalled the above painting and wondered about its origin, but especially if Yvonne had previously seen the ‘fiery’ picture of Big Ben appearing in a couple of my postings, as herein.  As I was about to ask via pc, an incoming message sent about the time of my driving expressed her surprise, “Wow I haven’t seen the Big Ben ones and there’s fire on one like mine. . Hallelujah”.  She soon recounted her story, which she’s kindly allowed me to share:


‘I awoke with a vision yesterday morning [Tues 12th] of Jesus’ blood all over the earth – yet, the UK was His main focus in this particular painting as I saw Big Ben alone – and He put His finger in it and it rippled out.

‘I just had to start painting, but when I thought I had completed it, I couldn’t see any beauty or how to explain it. My husband asked why I had painted chocolate and I could see his point!

‘Then I sat back and sought the Lord and said “I don’t like the outcome, have I got this wrong?” Then as I looked again in a prayerful focus, I was suddenly shown the vision of what I needed to do and saw the parting of the sea. I was so excited that within half an hour, it was transformed.

‘The following morning [Wed 13th] was when I was shown the revelation of why my vision began this way and yet had to be changed, and I am in awe of God’s love and patience over us, that His stirring of the blood into ripples is His way to show He has prepared this land and is preparing this world for His mercy to be revealed and the rippling has moved the people to remember Him and seek Him in a deeper way, that we as a world have become stagnant in and of His sacrifice. He has gone before the Nation (just as he revealed by underpinning the painting with this revelation), and is going before all the Nations to stir up our remembrance of His sacrifice and to give His great Mercy and grace, so that His desires and plans come to pass!

‘The final piece was the parting of the waves and though I’m not political, there is a message of UK coming out of Egypt, that the fire is revival of hearts and Big Ben is anointed with oil from heaven. The clock shows it’s the eleventh hour or close to midnight as I have painted both hands the same size and perhaps He’s left us to wonder on this!

‘The white horses come from another word I had released on ‘Sanballat Arising’, that the horses are the saints who are running wild and unafraid, that the fire on them is the Glory Carrier Commissions that shall be spread throughout. Veronica West reminded me she did a word on the Monarch butterfly, that it represents Royalty. So it’s well-worth looking that up, and the butterfly represents the transformation we have been readied for and have now come into.

‘I painted the eagle and lion either side of the hand of God, for they represent our Lord and us, that in this time He has anointed His chosen ones who have sought His face, to a deeper level of sight and height as the eagle and have heard and seen the roar of the lion over many months and this roar has opened the heavens toward Great Britain.

‘These are the words I was given over this painting, “Trust in Me! I go before you Great Britain and MY WILL BE DONE!”

I note Yvonne’s reference to Jesus’ blood “rippled out” and to “ripples” because I’d seen similar last October, but not of His blood, as in Vision of ‘ripples’ across and radiating out from Britain.

[Pictures and account published with permission of Yvonne Coombs. Copyright applies.]

8 thoughts on “Prophetic painting of the Lion and Eagle, with Big Ben!!

  1. I choose to decree in the name of Jesus, calling on the assent of my brothers and sisters in Christ on earth below and in heaven above that the UK will leave the EU and enter into the destiny the LORD God has for her.

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  2. Posts like this help us keep our eyes on Him when everything around us seems to be going crazy! Psalm 46 is great too!

    2 thoughts
    1. I’ve found myself crying out “Let my people go! ” this week while praying into Brexit; tying in to the Red Sea word
    2. Big Ben is coming up a lot in posts too. When I was in London at the end of last year it was covered in a kind of shroud. It will not be unveiled and fully functioning until the end of 2021.
    This is not prophetic as far as I know; more observational; but taking on Emma Stark’s word that it’s not God’s “time” for the UK to leave yet; perhaps we shouldn’t be too anxious if it doesn’t happen just yet . It may be that we will not be fully free until the end of 2021? Big Ben obviously relating to”time” and “timing.” We want to leave in God’s time.
    It may well be that the Lord wants to use Brexit to put pressure on political institutions etc in the meantime to bring about change. Not that we shouldn’t continue to pray and put pressure on the enemy of course!

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  3. From Atlantic Canada: I went through a series of many fiery trials with the Lord, to learn to follow Christ the way of the cross. In 2008 He gave me a vision of four eagles. My understanding was that it was really one eagle that had gone through the moulting stage for times. The fourth eagle was so huge it looked like a lion as well. It took flight and flew right up to heaven. The Lord spoke to me of this being ‘the great eagle.’ Then in 2008 He opened the way for me to travel to England where I ‘just happened’ to walk past Big Ben at exactly seven pm. The clock struck seven and the bell rang out seven times. From then until now, I continue to hear that ‘the great eagle’ represents the Judeo-Christian authority of our Defender of the Faith – QEII – for Canada, UK and the Commonwealth. Years later my sister visited the UK and was at Big Ben when it struck eleven which I believe is also extremely prophetic from a Canadian point of view. I’ve come to receive revelation from God that the anointing of archangel Gabriel is related to the number seven, and archangel Michael is related to eleven (from twelve to eleven – overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of those who don’t shrink back from death – Revelation 12:11). The Lord is now leading me to share His wisdom and revelation about it in the site

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