‘Power and Purification Prophecies’ – #3: The Assembling


The Lord says, “I am assembling My People and creating a highway for My Remnant to walk upon. The briars and thistles of the enemy have made a wild forest of habitation of evil. But I tell you that in this hour, My People, that I am sending a great purifying fire to burn that forest to the ground. And know this, that I am bringing moisture after the fire and new groups that are like trees of righteousness shall spring up with a banner of righteousness to proclaim My Glory in these latter days. Do you not know My Children, that ash from burned trees can be beneficial? And that I must clear out the overgrown areas of the forest to let the purifying sunlight of My Spirit reach the forest floor? Then there shall be a resurgence of wildflowers and a creation of worship and a Spirit-life amongst My People that shall thrive and prosper,” says the Lord. “There have been people within My Body that have walked in the Spirit of Jannes and Jambres and just as they opposed Moses in the days of Pharaoh, so have these stiff-necked men and women purported that their ways and actions have been better than the ways of My Spirit. But know this,” says the Lord, “that even though small torches are burning and My Remnant stands firm, the forest fire as yet, is afar off; and in the Holy Mountain, for I am bringing it in the next years ahead in full measure to the valleys and the plains and to the habitation of My People. For no longer will I allow the beasts in the forests and the fields to confuse My People and to cause a wall of derision to rob My People from the outpouring of My Spirit. The fire from the Holy Mountain is coming, says the Lord, and all shall be laid bare.”

Word of the Lord given to Leisa Ebere on Saturday, 23rd February 2019.

2 thoughts on “‘Power and Purification Prophecies’ – #3: The Assembling

  1. This is interesting because it chimes with: a) how frequently the word “righteousness” seems to come automatically to my mind and lips these days; b) a word my friend gave me some years ago about the “big plants” in my local church preventing the growth of the “young/little” plants – perhaps this is indeed a church-wide phenomenon.

    I think this word needs to be applied to actual life to make clear some of its expressions – i.e. be interpreted. For example, is the “derision” from people in mainline hierarchies who are not Christians at all – or is it simply about resistance from Christians who do not like Pentecostalism / the Charismatic movement?

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  2. Interesting remark that “ash from burnt trees can be beneficial”; on Ash Wednesday some people are “anointed” with ashes which come from the burning of the previous year’s palm crosses; which of course in their turn symbolise the “tree” on which Jesus died.

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