‘Power and Purification Prophecies’ – #4: The Cleansing

No. 4 of 4 – THE CLEANSING

“My children, the echoes of the winds of reprisal are in your hearts and in your minds because of the offences that have been committed against My Laws and My Statutes across this land and the nations of the Earth. But know this, that you must not take matters into your own hands and run ahead of Me. For My Plans for this Nation and many Nations have length and breadth, and will bring a Prevailing Wind of My Spirit that shall supercede all other adverse winds.

“There is a Shekinah Glory coming, My Children, do not doubt Me in this. And even though the enemy roars with derision and hunts you like prey, I will cause those caught within his traps to be freed and they shall align with you to chase him and his kind to dry and arid places. So-called nobility in the House of God shall be brought low,” says the Lord, “for their pride and hunger for riches and status have caused a stumbling-block to My sons and daughters of new birth, which has pre-empted their abilities to fulfill their callings, even causing them to believe falsehoods; which has kept them imprisoned very far from Me. But I declare to you in this hour, that removal vehicles have been dispatched by the Power of My Spirit, and that truly I am causing a great repentance to come upon this land as I remove the chaff within the fields and bind up the wounds of the forsaken. For how can I raise up an Army if the hearts of many of My People are far from Me? Let the cleansing commence,” says the Lord of Hosts, “for the time grows short and heaven is at hand.”

Prophetic Word given to Leisa Ebere, March 3, 2019:

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