GPS #29: “The Day of Reckoning is now upon the Church”

What I’d blogged last week can now be seen as the conjunction of a ‘God-incidence’, or God’s GPS (Global Prophecy Signals), on the parable of the wheat and the tares:

  • Wed 27th Feb: republished prophetic insight brought by Chris Bennett on chapters 34 and 37 of Ezekiel as being applicable ‘now’, which includes: “I WILL SHAKE MY CHURCH FIRST TO EXPOSE THE BAD AND TO THEN BUILD UP THE GOOD. IT IS THE BEGINNING OF SEPARATING WHEAT AND TARES, AND THE BEGINNING OF JUDGEMENT, FOR DOES MY WORD NOT SAY THAT JUDGEMENT SHALL BEGIN WITH MY CHURCH?”
  • Thurs 28th Feb: 10th anniversary of when the wheat and tares time-bomb blew up and I inwardly hear “This is ALL about to be fulfilled’.
  • Friday 1st Mar: Veronika West posts the above text-image on her Ignite Ireland Ministries.

So yes please Lord, let’s see it happening at long, long last because it’s You who’s re-building Your ekklesia. Yet, I bless you Lord that the deep divisions decades ago which made me reject you and seek truth in the ‘new age’, were actually within Your purposes and plans for my life and destiny in You.

In view of recent perturbations within His Bride across the United Kingdom it was very timely and a heartening reminder to hear the visiting speaker at church, and leader of Iris Global in India, distinctly emphasise,

“Nobody died so that we may judge!”

Puzzle in sky - Idea go

Puzzle In Sky by Idea Go, courtesy


3 thoughts on “GPS #29: “The Day of Reckoning is now upon the Church”

  1. From Atlantic Canada, in 2008 I was in England when I saw in the Spirit a great veil spread over the continent of North America and heard the Lord say ‘the entire western hemisphere will need to learn the way of the cross for what comes next.’ More details are available on the website called (there’s also a book that’s available to download for free up to March 5, 2019, and then again in June).

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