Declaration for today’s EU summit in Salzburg

With a dinner speech due to be delivered by the Prime Minister tonight as her ‘opening pitch’ in the final phase of Brexit negotiations, intercessors are invited to participate in the following declaration published by Passion For The Nation:


“From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands”  Acts 17:5

‘We thank you Jesus for every aspect of Godly inheritance that You put within our land. We thank you for Kingdom foundations within our government, justice systems and many aspects of our society. We declare Your purpose over this nation to display Your Kingdom and Your Kingship. This is a day when You are connecting the past with the future. Now, we continue to declare the Lordship and Sovereign will of God over every aspect of the Brexit Bill, over the future relationship with the European Union, over Trade Policy, the Customs Union, the Irish Border, and the role of the European Court of Justice, that His plans for this nation in all their fullness will be established..

‘As Theresa May meets with EU leaders today we declare,

You will make the crooked places straight

and, in the Name of Jesus, we call forth a spirit of reconciliation among all the leaders of Europe that Your Kingdom purpose will overwhelm any ungodly political, vengeful or social agenda. Isaiah 42:16

‘We speak strength, help, wisdom and authority to Theresa May, that the fullness of the leadership You have put within her will be released. We decree Heaven’s design and schedule over every discussion, that every log-jam, every deadlock and every delay caused by man or the enemy will be released, and we speak a convergence and completion that the outworking of every decision made will align and connect the United Kingdom according to God’s perfect design and destiny.’


3 thoughts on “Declaration for today’s EU summit in Salzburg

  1. “You will make the crooked places straight”
    It could be argued that the EU’s intentions were straight to the point. They sought to humiliate Theresa May. Where do we go from here?


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