Word for the UK: New Season of God’s mighty works on display

Thank you to UK Prophetic Words for this which received personal confirmation within hours of receipt (as below):


“There is a new season coming; God is going to display His Mighty works and the Fires are starting to burn.

Hear what the Lord is saying: “Bring the dry wood; bring yourselves in surrender to Him and you will see the fulfillment of the purpose of God to bring revival in these last days.”

I hear the Lord hearing from you, ‘Do you mean me Lord, can you really use me?’

The Lord says, “All I need is your willingness and I will take you to heights that have never been experienced before.
“I have redeemed you with a price so that you will be my favoured servants. You will see with your own eyes my great love for your Nation.”

Peter Barnes, 28th April 2018

Peter leads Rivers Of Fire Ministries International, London, and has a strong prophetic gifting. God has commissioned him to prepare specific regions and nations for revival, breaking down strongholds over them, decreeing and heralding in revival.


This was published early yesterday and, unusually for a Sunday morning, I booted up my phone, saw and read it and thought of telling our rector at pre-service prayer time. As the AGM was to be held immediately after the communion service, the actual service was to start over half an hour earlier than usual. Also unusually, the rector Revd Inglis-Jones asked prayer and ministry teams to attend 1/2 hour earlier to wait upon the Lord for words to give the combined congregations from both parish churches.

We arrived on time and, whilst the rector was preparing, I told him about the above and read it aloud. Not having had time to share it in full with Nina, my wife remarked its very similar to the brief word she’d had in her earlier quiet time. A few minutes later, one of the team joined us in the chapel and brought a word on the same theme of the Lord encouraging each of us to take His hand and let Him use us for His glory.

Therefore, in having two confirmations this word brought by Peter is noteworthy and deserves our careful attention and application!

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