American dreams of England & EU – ‘England must remain Sovereign!’

Thank you to Tony Puccio in Tucson, Arizona, USA, with whom myself and another editor have been in detailed discussion about the following, which he’s since posted on My Dreams and Visions. The second dream came last night and I teased him,”You sure you’ve not been reading our weekend papers or watching our news?”. I know that in living out in the Sonora desert east of the Rockies he doesn’t follow or get in-depth UK news, which he confirms:

‘Being that I don’t have cable I don’t watch television except for an occasional movie from Netflix. I would love to know why, not that I’m complaining, the Lord is giving me all these dreams regarding England.’


‘I want to share a dream I had a few nights ago. In the dream I saw what looked like the whole of Europe burning. Unfortunately it was not the fire of revival but rather a destructive fire. I then saw England and while the glow from the fire illuminated it, England itself was not affected by the fire. That was the end of the dream.

‘I had a subsequent dream a few nights later where I saw England moving away from Europe like a sailing vessel. Then I heard what sounded like cannon fire but instead of seeing cannon balls I saw many grappling hooks attached to ropes fired into the air. There were many grappling hooks fired but none were successful in attaching.

‘I see this as a possible, albeit unsuccessful, attempt to keep England from leaving the EU.

‘In light of these two dreams I would say that intercession needs to be made that Brexit is successful in completely separating England from Europe as this would thwart the plans of the antichrist for a unified Europe. England must remain separate and sovereign.’

To Tony’s closing remark Suzanne Payne at UK Prophetic Words replies, “Yes, that is what the Lord has said all along through His prophets, and that is what the intercessors have unceasingly been praying.” [Both emphases mine.]

See my comments below and next post’s selection of prophecies and comments, which lead into Parliament to Debate Referendum on Abolishing the House of Lords.

3 thoughts on “American dreams of England & EU – ‘England must remain Sovereign!’

  1. On a minor point of semantics re. ‘remain Sovereign’: in essence the democratic will of the British people is to restore our Sovereignty, which we foolishly gave away to the Common Market 40-odd years ago. As the United Kingdom’s Parliament and government are located in London, England, and both dreams are about our relationship to Europe’s power, and although Tony saw England only, not our associated nations, it is symbolic of being the whole of the UK too.

    Tony’s closing paragraph was made after discussing the dreams (during our working Monday) and I completely agree with the strong, Godly sentiment of his final sentence that, after all the political shenanigans are done and dusted, this is WHO and HOW the Lord sees Britain NOW compared with our European cousins. IT’S HIS WILL THAT WE COME OUT AND BE SEPARATE AND SOVEREIGN!

    So it makes an excellent prophetic declaration!


    • In those earlier discussions I’d commented on Tony’s blog as follows:

      ‘…I believe your dream confirms my reaction to learning about that quake in Iran on Israel’s Independence Day – you may recall my blog on thinking about their nuclear facilities being swallowed down an immense hole that opened up, then the next day I learned of the quake! So in view of that day’s news on the EU’s sheer stupidity and intransigence over our border with Ireland, I recalled the words David brought and declared the downfall of the EU, as well as to all opposition to Brexit.

      ‘On the last, we can see the Lord’s hand in the weekend’s resignation of Home Secretary Amber Rudd, one of a number of ‘Remainer’ members of Theresa May’s Cabinet. The second dream’s grappling hooks were shot in yesterday’s unelected House of Lords (which includes all Anglican bishops, who in the main are quite deaf to the Lord’s mind on the modern Tower of Babel) defeating the Government’s bill to withdraw from EU.

      ‘HOWEVER and MORE significantly Tony, I believe the fire in your dream relates not only to the Lord’s dismantling of the EU but also His permitting an increasing, widespread number Islamist attacks and anti-Semitism because of its complete rebuttal of Christianity.

      ‘Watch journalist Melanie Phillips’ denunciation of this political activity in accurately pointing out the historical cause of this spiritual sickness during 20th Century. She begins speaking at 19 mins and puts her finger one its cause as the counter hits 34:00 >


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