A Spiritual Magna Carta


Over the church we declare:

  • Your Headship will be established, Your words will be our words and Your will our will. Your people will be positioned, empowered and released, that Kingdom plans for peace, mercy and hope will be established in our land.
  • The ecclesia will arise and take their God-given place above natural Government, ruling and reigning through God aligned Prayer and Declaration.
  • The reformers will take their places in every arena of this nation.
  • Churches, gatherings and individuals will align with Your Kingdom purposes of bringing both salvation and healing to lives, and transformation into our nation.
  • The law of this land will affirm and release the God-given commission to His people, to preach the gospel, heal the sick, set the captives free and disciple Nations.

We stand in our God-given identity and speak out over the United Kingdom:


God is the Highest authority in Heaven and earth, He is the judge, the legislator and the King.

  • Natural Government and sovereignty, judicial and legislative will acknowledge that He is the true judge, lawgiver and King.
  • All matters pertaining to the law and administration of our land will align and enforce Kingdom values, including the principle of freedom of choice, freedom of conscience and the sanctity of human life.
  • Under Your law, our democracy, the government of the people, for the people, by the people, will release peace, health, welfare, security and prosperity for all social, ethnic, cultural and regional groups within society.
  • Government will not be divided but united for Your purpose and plan.
  • We declare righteousness, honesty and integrity will be the hallmark of every aspect of Government, financial institutions, businesses and society and the standard by which all those involved operate.
  • Boundaries and borders with other nations and people groups, legislative, judicial, physical, spiritual, political & economic, will be established according to God-given design.
  • Finances will be stewarded with wisdom, the ability to create wealth will be upon the nation and those in genuine need, identified and provided for.
  • Those leaders chosen and appointed by God will carry authority, wisdom and stature. The words and thoughts of all leaders across the land will align with God-given plans, surrounded and informed by Godly advisors.


  • We declare in every court of our land, industrial tribunals, sharia courts, family courts, local and county courts, the high court, the supreme court, and all arbitration; justice, mercy, truth and alignment with God-given precepts will prevail.
  • According to Your word, no person is above the law and every person will be protected by law, without regard to ethnicity, sex or social standing.
  • Women from all backgrounds will be protected by law and experience justice and equality in all matters of life, including marriage and divorce, family, education, financial transactions and inheritance.


  • We declare this nation will be a place of safety as a spiritual watch is established by the Body of Christ over the high places of our nation, over our cities, borders, streets and over all high-profile locations, connected to and strengthening the civil authorities.
  • Police, security forces and civil authorities will walk in God-given revelation and wisdom, through the prayers of Your people.
  • We declare the Government and legislation of the United Kingdom will align, facilitate and resource TRANSFORMATION of society with Kingdom values in all matters of family, education, sexuality, community, media, arts, business, medicine, research, science, technology and religion.

We declare:

  • Stable, loving families, built according to Your word, affirming the God-given unique position and responsibility of parents, will be a foundation of society.
  • Vision, skill and investment will cause jobs to be created, businesses to flourish and entrepreneurs to be released, facilitated by Financial markets, and National and International Trade agreements.
  • Communities and Estates will be transformed through God-given love and compassion, facilitated by partnerships of business, social services, councils and health service.
  • Truth will become an abiding component of all media.
  • Purity will again be honoured and desired within all arts and entertainments.
  • True Christian values will be restored and taught within our education system.
  • Those who work will receive a fair wage, those who are unable to work will be provided for and taxation shall be fair.

We desire that people of all religions and backgrounds will be respected and accepted. We desire that the United Kingdom will continue to declare its Christian foundation in word and deed, both now and for the generations to come.

Click/tap for link to Passion for the Nation website

Footnote: Published with the kind permission of Passion For The Nation. The previous post describes the genesis of this ‘Spiritual Magna Carta’.

2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Magna Carta

  1. I really get a sense that the prophesies that you have been highlighting about the UK are really happening at the moment with this Russian business. I have never felt the need to pray urgent prayers for my country (UK) before and a lot has happened in my lifetime. I have given Russia the benefit of the doubt on many matters but this is a step too far. I really pray for an outpouring of Christian love directed particularly within the Russian Government that it may step back from the sinister direction it is moving in.

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    • Amen Phil (& thx 4 clarifying ur location). There may, however be a couple of blessings in this affair: first, bringing UK together after the deep divisions over EU-referendum; secondly, increasing realisation across Labour party and throughout nation that Corbyn is utterly unfit to stand for Parliament!


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