Moving from the sword to the sceptre

Although addressed to churches across the ‘Pond’, this insight Wanda Alger received from the Lord directly complements not only what Veronika West brought this week, but also is pertinent to what I’m about to publish in connection with the word on castles and GPS #11 part 3. Therefore, the application of this teaching must be vitally important for now!

I was in prayer recently concerning the battles at hand in this nation and how to effectively intercede when I heard in my spirit, “It is time to move from the SWORD to the SCEPTER.” As I continued to pray into this, I sensed the Lord calling intercessors to consider another strategy in dealing with the demonic forces coming against believers in this hour. I believe the prayer movement is transitioning from the position of being WARRIORS to a position of being RULERS.

A familiar weapon of our warfare has been the sword of the Lord, the Word of God (Hebrews 4:12). However, the word of the Lord can be wielded not only with a sword in battle, but with a scepter from the throne. A scepter symbolizes a king’s judicial authority and is usually given as an inheritance, handed from father to son. We are shifting into a time…

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4 thoughts on “Moving from the sword to the sceptre

  1. Richard I can’t tell you how much this resonates with my spirit. Wanda has articulated so well what I had been calling Ekklesia after listening to Curry Blake speak on it and I know others like Dutch Sheets have also covered this subject. After studying the Kings and Queens of England in my 20’s and 30’s it is so naturally supernaturally right and to me is just so spot on. When a King or Queen speaks – its done. This has so blessed me thank you.

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  2. Hi Richard just to let you know, for some reason (and it could be my end) when you try to share from your website on facebook the picture is all grayed out with an icon in the middle. So have post your url and copied the picture in the my post.

    This is just so right I really cannot stress much is resonates with me

    Thank you, Lynne


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