Thank you to whoever nominated this blog for an award!

Having mentioned my sidling into a sort of semi-sabbatical for this blog’s seventh year, I’m extremely surprised to receive an email with personal congratulations on its being selected for inclusion in The Top 50 Prophecy Blogs and websites – I didn’t even know it existed!

I wish to thank not only the kind person who nominated Richard’s Watch to Feedspot but also my dear Nina for persevering with my frequent, scheduled daytime absences at the PC in the study, tapping away at the keyboard out of sight and of hearing!!  (Total 1,727 posts and pages.)

Founder of Feedspot, Anuj Agarwal, kindly thanks me ‘for your contribution to this world’ and is honoured to have this blog as part of the most comprehensive listing of prophecy blogs on the internet – no sir, the honour is all mine.

12 thoughts on “Thank you to whoever nominated this blog for an award!

  1. Leisa Ebere emails: ‘Congratulations Richard, this is a well deserved honour and certainly confirms that God is raising your profile in the Prophetic community in this nation and around the world. I can’t take credit for nominating you, but I wholeheartedly agree that the integrity and clarity you walk in, is an inspiration to many; and will continue to be so.’


    • Thanks Tony and it’s not a British award as the prophetic is sidelined here compared with the overwhelming interest in America. So its mainly American as the above link shows, and has well-known sites including Lana Vawser’s in Oz


        • I guess its something the digital-crowd like to indulge in, whereas busy guys like you and me don’t swan around the internet but get on with our calling. If and when I have the luxury of a some spare moments I may dig into their site, as well as investigate getting an ordinary facebook profile.


  2. Suzanne Payne at UK Prophetic Words emails: ‘Congratulations on the very well deserved commendation of getting in the top 50 blogs. You’re site is of an excellent standard and the way you link Words together and give previews in your library is so helpful.’


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