2 thoughts on “Spotted pinned to cathedral door, Canterbury – a call to repentance and prayer

  1. Wow! That’s pretty amazing. It doesn’t seem to be that often that churches are quite so forthright (at least with those on the ‘outside’).
    I was pleasantly surprised and impressed earlier this year on holiday, when my husband and I looked around a small church (open every day), and it actually had on display some basic answers for those who think things like there is no historical evidence for Jesus and the Bible isn’t reliable, things like that. A lot of the time it would appear that the church seems to want to hide, as it were…though perhaps I’m doing them an injustice, and certainly not all churches are like that, and not all individual Christians.
    Perhaps we should all be a lot more upfront, whilst we can. Thank God we live in a country where we don’t (at least for the present!) have to go ‘underground’ as it were.

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