Clarifying rebuttal from Cranmer of headline re Anglican headteacher

This updates Anglican headteacher surrenders to parental unbelief in view of a question over the accuracy of the linked post’s title.

The first comment shown at the foot of the discussion thread on Cranmer’s Church of England school headteacher brands Crossteach educational charity ‘extremist’ objected to that headline’s wording (emphases added).

‘Layreader’ writes:

‘All good accurate stuff, apart from the headline. Dan Turvey, while he has made the wrong decision here, was quite happy with the involvement of CrossTeach in his school. And so the 95% of parents who send their child to a C of E school just so they are properly educated are trounced by the 5% who have no idea why they sent their child there.
‘It’s a parable, if you want one, for the way that all politics works in our liberal ‘democracy’. If only a small number of people can make a large enough noise, then decision-makers, schooled in the principles of management rather than the principles of integrity, will always cave in for a quiet life.
‘This is Marxism as it is currently practised. And, in Tunbridge Wells, to boot…’

Abp Cranmer rebutts:

‘No, the headline is entirely accurate: Dan Turvey did indeed write to parents that he was happy with Crossteach, but then proceeded to ban the group from taking assemblies and RE lessons, thereby tarnishing their good name with the whiff of extremism. He should have told the zealous parents that they are lawfully entitled to withdraw their children from the Daily Act of Collective Worship and RE lessons, and made alternative arrangements. What he should not have done was to impugn Crossteach and humiliate them before the world.’

Read Update to the discussion from a CrossTeach volunteer >

2 thoughts on “Clarifying rebuttal from Cranmer of headline re Anglican headteacher

  1. Hi there, I trained as a Secondary RE teacher and find this behaviour to be emphasising the sad situation we are in regarding suppression of faith taught in schools. It ‘s classed as radicalisation for some unfortunately, but this is how RE is going. A very sad day for all schools .


  2. Well, I could understand it if they were scaring the children to death with horrible depictions of a fiery hell awaiting them if they don’t accept Jesus… but from what the article said, they do their work sensitively…and hopefully, age-orientated.
    I went to a RC primary school, and thank goodness they didn’t stop teaching what they believed (we learnt about sin and forgiveness…but the idea of hell was not emphasised.) And I’m sure it gave me a good moral grounding. Surely this sort of thing can only be good.


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