Update on the silencing of Big Ben’s bongs

On Friday I read this brief report by Christopher Hope, chief political correspondent of the Telegraph under the headline:

Big Ben could chime again in ‘silence of the bongs’ rethink

‘Under health and safety rules, the 13-ton bell is being taken out of action to protect the hearing of construction workers on site…’

‘Ms Leadsom was challenged in the House of Commons whether it was “beyond the wit of man silencers to be worn” by workers near the Great Bell. 

‘The Cabinet minister replied that she recognised there were “strong views” about the silencing of Big Ben. She added: “It is a very important issue. The House’s Commission met last night and agreed to the cessation for the bells for the time being but also to look at whether there are other alternatives to leaving the bells off.”…’ (read in full here).

For background read To Bong or not to Bong? That’s the Big Ben Question as the nation waits… and Interesting reflection of UK-US connection – and Big Ben.

[This news wasn’t included in previous post as I didn’t want to detract from prophetical content and it had been finished Thursday for auto-publication over the weekend.]

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