Big Ben chimes and a vision of holy Zion

At the close of a message on the power of holy communion by Bill Johnson’s wife Beni, I whispered to my neighbour at Revival Alliance gathering that in 2012 Beni prophesied about bells for the Queen’s jubilee (The Especial Significance of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bells).

“It Is Time!”

No sooner had I said so than Beni referred to it and that, as Big Ben’s being upgraded, so too is Britain getting an upgrade! (Note Tony Puccio’s vision last March of the tower arising from the ground.)

Prior to that, the hour of last Friday’s post-lunch worship was powerfully awesome and Beni claims to have seen angels moving into a Parliamentary meeting!  If that’s so then it will be interesting to know the outcome in due course.

Afterwards a Romanian couple Geani and Madalina Baiceanu, with whom we’d become firm friends from the first night, told us Beni’s reference to Big Ben reminded him of a prophetic vision related to it. I’m grateful to Geani for permission to quote his account, which Madalina has since sent me:

‘On 24th March 2017 during the 24 hour prayer meeting at our church, while praying Geani had a vision where he first heard a bell chiming and then he saw mount Zion.

‘He saw sound waves coming down from the top of Zion towards the bottom of the mountain. The sound waves were traveling like light and he could see from above trees and stones and from between the stones he saw dry bones getting covered with flesh and coming alive and forming live people. The people started shining and the light radiated from them as they came alive (and it) was chasing the darkness away.

‘He then heard God’s voice saying:

“The bell rang. It’s time to rise up. You are my children. Rise up! 

“It’s time to shine like the stars in the sky. Say My Word to be heard! 

“Bring the worship to me. If you will not worship me, the stones will do it. 

“Come out from the world and I will be with you now and forever.”

After Geani mentioned it we had a brief chat and in view of his reaction to what Beni had said I thought his vision’s related to Big Ben. Madalina confirms more details:

‘Yes, the connection was with what Beni Johnson said and that the chiming was the sound of Big Ben’s chiming.

‘The mount Geani saw was very beautiful, a beauty he never saw in the natural and he knew internally that such beauty can only represent Zion.

‘Regarding the time, he knew there’s an urgency as in being about to happen because of the voice he heard. The voice was like a thunder but didn’t see a specific time.’

5 thoughts on “Big Ben chimes and a vision of holy Zion

  1. I have been getting:
    Friday…Behold the father, the king is coming, heard a bell in the natural lunchtime, but spiritually it was a celebration bell ringing in heaven.
    Saturday “It’s not long now”.
    Sunday reminding me he is God, and life is about to get good.
    Today about hearing God roar “louder” and “shine, shine, shine, shine”. There is a crowd clapping to encourage us, heaven meets earth. How much God loves us amongst other things including God’s glory, fire in his eyes.

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