Mighty word of encouragement for Britain via David Noakes

[POSTED 1st July 2017]

As we know, David Noakes brought an accurate word in 2015 from the Lord about His urging Britain to come out of the EU (and the shaking of the latter), so I’m grateful to the managing editor for permission to reprint Prophetic Encouragement from yesterday’s Prophecy Today UK. It reiterates Dr Sharon Stone’s Clarion Call for England for 2014-16 and beyond about this spiritual battle being the way to victory. The word David delivers is introduced by Clifford Hill:

It is not just Christians who can see that the nation is in trouble. Everyone can see that things have not been going well in Britain recently. The terrorist attacks, the Grenfell Tower inferno, and the hung Parliament all confirm that something is wrong in the nation.

Many Christians know that as a nation we have rejected the word of God in many ways which has resulted in Britain being no longer under God’s cover of protection, prosperity and blessing.

‘Confusion’ is one of the signs of judgment upon a nation, according to Deuteronomy 28:20. But Jeremiah 18:7 reminds us that even when things go badly wrong, if we repent of our wrongdoing and ask for God’s help, things would quickly improve. Through Jeremiah God says:

If at any time I announce that a nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed, and if that nation I warned repents of its evil, then I will relent and not inflict on it the disaster I had planned.

God still speaks to us today so that we can understand what is happening and how he is working out his purposes. This enables us as Christians to speak to others, Christians and non-Christians, reassuring them of God’s love and his desire to bless the nation, restoring peace and prosperity.

The latest word received by my colleague David Noakes (we have worked together since 1984) brings this reassurance. We reproduce it below noting that we do not claim that modern prophecy carries the same authority as the Bible. But God does speak to those who are listening to him, although we express what we are receiving in our own human language and understanding. It is for each of our readers to weigh this prophecy.

Rev Dr Clifford Hill

PROPHETIC WORD, first given at East Grinstead (17 June 2017)

David Noakes:

Beloved, you are living in momentous days. These are truly the days of a turning point in the affairs of your nation. It is a time of my appointing. I have allowed you to go your own way but I have never let go of you.

There are many voices in your midst which are full of pessimism and I understand that if you look upon your circumstances, pessimism is often the outcome. But I want you to perceive as I perceive.

Beloved, when there is turmoil and upheaval, do not look upon it with dismay; do not look upon it with foreboding; do not look upon it with fear. But look upon it with eyes turned to me with a questioning heart: a heart questioning what your God is doing in the midst of it. For beloved, all these things taking place are under my hand. I have brought about a remarkable work in your nation in recent times. This is not accidental, nor is it sudden, but has come about at my appointed time.

I do not have accidents; I do not have coincidences; I do not have sudden unexpected events. I have appointed events, at appointed times, and I am the one who is seated in the heavens and does whatever He pleases. Do not lose heart, because I am in charge. My hand is on your nation and I have not given up my purposes for you.

I have blessed your nation in the past and truly you have been faithless; but beloved, I have remained faithful. Your enemy has done much to sow lies, to sow false doctrine, to try to bring down all that is good and all that is of God. But I have kept for myself a remnant. My Word remains true for all time and all eternity and I will fulfil my purposes.

This is a time of turmoil and upheaval because your adversary is in great rage and great fear. He is in great consternation that I will use your nation to tear his purposes apart. But that is exactly what I intend to do. I intend to bring his purposes crashing down. There will be turmoil and upheaval; there will be blood in the streets; there will be anxiety amongst those who do not know that God is in charge and do not understand what I am doing.

Beloved, there cannot be victory in war without war taking place; and war is indeed taking place, because I have joined battle. I have joined battle against the forces of darkness which desire to bring your nation to nothing and I have declared I will not have it so. My purposes for you are from all eternity. I have known exactly what I will do at this time. I have known exactly what I will do in the future and I purpose to glorify my name through your nation once again.

Therefore do not be disheartened. Do you think of yourself as being just a little flock? Truly there is only a small remnant who hold fast to My word. But beloved, continue to hold fast to my word and pray that the purposes that I have begun to reveal will come to fruition and fulfilment, and I will visit you afresh with my Spirit.

I will visit you afresh with my Spirit that you may be empowered: Not for your glory, but for Mine. Not to build empires but to build my Church. I desire also to visit you with my Spirit that you may be instruments in my hand to go into the fields which are ripe for harvest, and bring in a harvest; for there is a harvest waiting to be brought in.

There are many in fear and trepidation and utter confusion, and I want you to be a people who know their God and do exploits. I want you to be a people of compassion; not of judgement; not of condemnation. Judgement is mine, I will repay. But I ask you to be a people of love and concern; of compassion for the lost, and of deep desire that the truth should be brought to many who will understand it and be saved. For surely there are those whom you think are your enemies, who are longing for truth.

Do not be down-hearted, therefore. Do not be dispirited. Yes, I know all too well that you are surrounded by those who wish you ill. Beloved, do not heed them but look to your God who wishes you well. Look to your God who wishes them well. I desire a people who are willing to bless their enemies and to do good to those who speak evil about them.

As you do this they will see your light. Many will reject, but many will see the light in the darkness and will desire the only light they can see. For all their plans and schemes will have fallen to the ground and then they will turn to the only truth.

Do not give up therefore. Hold fast. Hold fast to Me. Hold fast to My Word. Hold fast in love and unity, to one another. Be loyal and faithful to each other. Forgive each other all offences and stand together, that as one you may show the character of your Lord and Saviour. Beloved, understand that I have not given up, and I say to you: do not give up either, but look to Me and hope in Me that I will do what I have planned.

David Noakes; Dr Clifford Hill

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