Brief post-election reflections

After the almost catastrophic election results a reader commented on my posting Charlie Shamp’s hearing from the Lord on Theresa May as ‘shining as a star’, as follows:

“Reading the reports just now I’ve read that Arlene Foster has today described the Union as “our shining star” – perhaps she reads this blog!”

Jonathan’s comment is valued as I only just caught that remark briefly on BBC’s evening news – and haven’t seen it in today’s paper (of course!!). The result makes it seem at best that Charlie was looking through ‘a glass darkly’, or at worst making a false prophecy – BUT the election results may make the PM deal with her shortcomings. Furthermore, in a few more weeks – June isn’t over yet! – a new government working with unionists of Ulster (staunch ‘Brexiteers’ who take a Christian stance) could be what the Lord wants and will direct?

It’s something to mull over the weekend. Meanwhile you may like to consider these items received from: (UKPW’s blogspot links appear faulty – please search for posts)

UK Prophetic Words: (Blogspot links faulty – may need to search for actual posts)

Prophecy Today UK:

“Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; He lifts His voice, the earth melts.” ~ Psalm 46:6

‘Well, what are we to think of that result? Surely God is continuing to shake all that can be shaken. This week we bring you two perspectives on the election…

‘Also see last week’s editorial on the Church in Britain being doubly deceived, which received considerable attention and quickly become their most-read piece – Wake Up!

13 thoughts on “Brief post-election reflections

  1. Just a word from the other side of the pond: As you may know, most of our media is on the far left and hates our president. When Comey (fired FBI chief) testified before Congress, he unwillingly nullified any and all unfounded accusations of collusion between Trump, his posse, and the Russians. Admitting to his own weakness and to being disgruntled about being fired, among other things, he became a ridiculous figure to both sides, being referred to as “pajama boy”, “shrinking dork” (by no other than Heraldo Rivera), and so much more. Still, he managed to characterize Trump as a liar – again without any foundation. Rather than admit to baseless fabrications based on undisclosed leaks, our press led their news with headlines such as “Trump Liar”. Never mind they’ve been revealed in their own vehement fabrications.
    My tie-in with the British election is this. To our left in the States, the resurgence of your left in the vote became a juicy morsel of hope that the left globally (anything outside our borders is global to our left-handed press) had repudiated the Trump reformation train. So as I switched from FOX to CNN to see what the other side was doing, this was the great diversion: Theresa May and Brexit repudiated and along with her, President Trump. God bless us all!

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    • Thanks for your viewpoint Franco. I’ve noted Clown Comey’s circus and suspicious leak of intel in US that compromised Manchester police rounding up terrorists. Even so they were too busy as thought-police persecuting ‘Islamophobes’ instead of jailing known islamists.


  2. I perceive that Charlie is seeing Theresa May as God ‘sees’ her. She is steadfast, immovable and faithful. Her heavenly Father is proud of her – and so should we be too. She has made her stand as a Christian – that alone is enough to attract the enemies attention. But in this spiritual battle, he has rallied all of his associates to come against the United Kingdom. I do not doubt that her human failings will be sorted out and she now has some spiritual backup. Let us give her prayer support and encouragement in the horrible task she has ahead of her. There will be some more stumbling blocks before there will be VICTORY. The Lord told me to shout Victory , Victory and keep on shouting . because He has seen the end of the storyt I ‘see’ her shining. God is in control. Yes? YES!

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    • Thank you so much Thelma, especially re ‘Victory’ (you may recall my refc to that on 8 June). Also, Charlie’s prime emphasis on enemy strategy is absolutely correct, but our God is a god of surprises for June is far from over and a week is a long time in politics!


  3. It seems to me, now that the hysteria of the dust has settled, that there are two main things to note from the state of the parties:

    1. The Tories can only run a “majority” government with the help of the most Eurosceptic, arguably most unashamedly Christian party in Parliament; and

    2. Labour has no way at all of forming a majority. Under normal circumstances the DUP might consider allying themselves with Labour, but Labour happens to be led by one of its few members that the DUP consider completely beyond the pale.

    So there is only one possible government. That looks like possibly God’s planning, and I can think of one reason why.
    My partner said to me on Friday – it’s very possible Theresa May called the election partly because, with a larger majority, she would be able to pursue a ‘softer’ Brexit. If that’s the case (and only God knows, I suppose) then this result will presumably be just what God wanted – forcing her now to rely on a party which is even more Eurosceptic than her own party.

    All surmise, of course, but we have such a delicately-calibrated result – especially in view of Labour’s inability to create a coalition – that I think this may be God’s choice of result.

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    • I will say though, having read your links, that “word about the election result” feels much more right than my theory… makes me think of that place Jesus went and found he could do very few miracles because of the people’s faithlessness. (Nazareth?)


  4. Felt a strong prophetic unction in regards to Theresa May and the Queens speech – was seeking for a word about it and I had a sense of TM as an Esther type leader for this context in the destiny of the nation leading the exit from the EU which compromises the country in so many ways. The word THERESA contains the letters of the word ESTHER . Looking at the scriptures Esther 4:14-16 “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Then Esther told them to reply to Mordecai: “Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me; neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will fast likewise. And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!” I saw Theresa May as Esther type leader standing before the rulers for the justice of the people whilst plots circled about her. I recalled the prophetic song that came to me during the election campaign and predicting May victory and this ushering in a new time in the destiny of the nation. “I see a new dawn is rising – above the uk / I see a beautiful morning – starting a beautiful day / I see a new day is coming / I see victory for Theresa May / a new day is coming bright like the sun”. This is a kind of new birth season for the country and it is ironic and perhaps appropriate that Theresa may herself with no children be chosen by God to birth this time in the life of the nation. Today is the queens speech. Here is link to song

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  5. I felt that after this week as Theresa May goes like an Esther to Brussels there would be a beggining of vindication for her and her rule. Do not worry about small majority’s made of people but a majority of one made up of the lord. Theresa’s slim but viable victory will have brought her to depend on God. She is made as an Esther for s time such as this. Had there not been prayer she would have lost the election. As it stands she is vulnerable but dependent on god – a majority of ONE

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  6. Recall when trump held Theresa May’s hand as she stumbled on the steps in Washington – I felt this was symbolic of a time of the USA coming to stand with Britain in her crisis and steadying her hand as it were. MAy was the only leader standing with USA and she will find great rewards there as the USA is coming into an awesome prosperity under trump. In a time of faltering the USA will hold hands.

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