Encouraging ‘coincidental’ news on KP&B Days 1 and 2

It was most encouraging to receive the following email from friends in the coastal area of south Devon to Monday’s Keep Praying and Bless for Plymouth and area (followed by Exeter). I’m grateful for their permission to publish the following:

‘How amazing; I was just hearing that people from all over the world are coming to Plymouth in the expectation of something very special about to happen. Devon is rocking! A Devon Awake conference last week, and some significant prayer over Dartmoor last Thursday, in which we were involved, all led to a big shift in the spiritual atmosphere (and) there has been a significant reconciliation of people from different walks of Christian life in a spiritually significant place – who would have thought it!

‘The plans for the Mayflower anniversary in 2020 are really bringing the town alive, and a programme of regeneration is visible to all; Plymouth is firmly on the UK map as a great centre for business after many years in the doldrums; this is all verifiable and of course is the outworking of what is happening in the spiritual realms. I have contacts from one of the churches in Plymouth, but have heard the same stories from several local people …’

[Exactly two years ago I published a few posts about a celebration and prophetic words on Plymouth and its spiritual significance. It so happens that Yinka Oyekan of The Gate, Reading was a guest at last week’s Devon Awake (‘Five days of crying out to God for awakening’), as told in his and River Church Exeter’s Facebook entries for 13 July – my late father’s birthday!]

This email news is most welcome confirmation of my going out on a limb to commit myself to copy that daily prayer for 10 weeks in a busy schedule. At least its a relatively simple task of copy-pasting, a little editing and setting an auto-schedule for publication.

Dart QuayAfter that ‘drunken dream’, however, it seems the Lord wants me to do this. Having done so I then realised it fits in with an impression I had a couple of months ago of how the Lord may want me to take a new tack in blogging and using maps! That unusual dream’s scenario reminded me of the kiosks and buffet-station (although light-green in the dream) on the river Dart’s quay beside Dartmouth’s main square, as in my accompanying photo.

There’s hardly a dull moment when following the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ. Thank and praise you Lord…

Your contribution is warmly welcome (kindly note caveat on home page)

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