Thoroughly drunk and rolling around the streets at 7am

Upon sitting up in the middle of the road this morning I squinted at one of several bemused strangers as they too took an ‘invisible’ drink. I reassured him, “Don’t worry – there’s no hangover!”

Being ‘smashed’ I then rolled over, my face hitting the brick-coloured road surface – it was soft! Most surprising…I awoke with my face buried into the bedsheet and grinned.

It’s been some years since I’d been filled with the joyous laughter of the Holy Spirit and left seemingly drunk – and there’s absolutely no toxic limit!

Whatever is the Lord up to I wondered, whilst I tried waking up. This fascinating dream had developed from my being in what may have been a church hall. After going outside I found a largish kiosk on the pavement and, walking around to its other side I saw a white-haired man speaking to people. He was putting his hand on them and someone beside him suddenly got touched by the Holy Spirit. As I approached he touched me and I suddenly rolled to the ground under Holy Spirit’s influence – then came the prolonged chuckle plus a number of amusing incidents involving strangers in that street. I could even recall when it had happened before.

Could this unusual dream signify things are definitely starting to change?

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