Reasons for ‘Brexit’, objections addressed and alternatives to the EU

Accurate reasons for 'Brexit', discuss issues and answer Qs & arguments

Facebook: Why leave the EU?

I offer no apology for continuing on this theme because it is an extremely critical issue in the history of our nation and its future.

The meeting with Jonathan Ely, as in the previous post, enabled me to catch up with my ‘Brexiteer’ friend’s activities, part of which are featured in his Facebook page. His investigations and diligent work are highly commendable. Take a dip via this graphic to see the surprising range of its daily coverage of published material.

A concise case on a complex matter is made in a paper published on his Christian resource website Spirit Soul Body, and as summarised below. This only outlines the topics without covering Jonathan’s points or the sources he uses and links thereto. To read in its entirety click/tap this title:

Reasons to Leave the EU, Objections Answered and Alternatives

Reasons To Leave

  1. the EU is heading for political union
  2. UK opt-out of Euro not permanent
  3. UK opt-out from Schengen area not so permanent
  4. EU creating a military force subsuming national ones (Recommendation 666?)
  5. High proportion of UK laws imposed by EU
  6. EU brings manifold losses of sovereignty
  7. High costs of EU cause increased prices & job losses
  8. EU damages UK small/medium business enterprises
  9. EU causes risks to security through free immigration

Objections Answered

  1. Free trade with rest of Europe, low prices and jobs dependent upon EU
  2. ‘Initial shock’ to economy if UK leaves EU
  3. UK more secure if we remain in EU
  4. No longer common regs applied to goods
  5. Leaving is lead in dark whereas UK fine in EU
  6. Lack of input to EU regulations
  7. Risks to UK’s ‘standing in the world’
  8. Risk of UK splitting up if we leave EU
  9. Rights of workers/women lost if leave EU
  10. Expats in EU and EU citizens in UK would lose
  11. Loss of freedom of movement between UK and other EU states
  12. Leave campaign uses incorrect arguments

Alternatives to EU membership

  2. EFTA membership, single market access, FTAs
  3. Free Trade Agreements
  4. Other Options

What We Can Do About It

Jonathan writes, ‘There are many things we can do to help win this referendum’:

  • Learn as much as you can about all the issues.
  • Connect with groups such as Leave.EU, Vote Leave, Grassroots Out and Campaign for an Independent Britain, by liking their Facebook pages and via their websites [as linked herein].
  • Share posts from these groups on Facebook and Twitter with your friends.
  • Invite your friends to like the Facebook groups.
  • Leave.EU, Grassroots Out and Vote Leave have local groups all over the UK, and are organising street stalls, leafleting, canvasing and public meetings. Contact their local groups and get involved in any way you can to help the campaign to leave the EU.

Here’s an aide-memoire (drag to enlarge both images):

Some facts about EU to aid in Referendum choice

Credit: J Ely, Dept 620, 35 High St, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7JQ

Finally, he asks Do you want to be controlled by the EU?, as indicated in this graphic from ‘A House Divided’ by Campaign for an Independent Britain (founded 1969!):
Reality check - you really want to be controlled by EU?

2 thoughts on “Reasons for ‘Brexit’, objections addressed and alternatives to the EU

  1. Father God I ask you to bless UK, EU and all involved to this struggle. Bring as many that will choose you to come to you for Salvation and follow you above all else. “What does it gain any one to win the whole world and lose HIS/HER own soul. IN Yeshua’s name. For HIS glory and the worlds good. Be3

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