Confirmations of 2016’s prophetic words for a New Season

A week ago this morning, last week got kick-started before I was even awake! It was an eventful dream, which I’ll relate shortly.

In fact, someone had already tried getting in touch in connection with the dream! That may seem astonishing but this sort of coincidence isn’t at all unusual. ‘God-incidents’ always make me rejoice for we have a God of surprises.

When I got around to checking the weekend’s email one near the top of my in-tray was from the senior leader of Falkirk Full Gospel Church in Scotland, Thomas Harry. In view of what I’d dreamt his message stunned me!…It reads:


‘URGENT: Word for 2016 – New Season – Building on the Apostolic & Prophetic’

“I have attached an urgent word from the Lord that has had an overwhelming number of confirmations…regarding the new season we are in and ensuring we build on the biblical foundation of the Apostles and Prophets found in Ephesians 2:20.

“It has been confirmed by respected Christian leaders globally and the document includes 10 confirmations including from Catherine Brown, Sharon Stone, Cindy Jacobs, Peter Wagner & others.

“This will affect us all one way or another, so I felt it was vital I shared with someone like you. Most of us realize there’s a great move of God coming and the Lord wants to ensure we have our foundations and houses ready for this …’

“I believe it signals the biggest shift in the church since the reformation…”

I agree with Thomas that this prophetic consensus warrants church-wide circulation to leaders and congregations for serious consideration and weighing with the Lord.

To read the full document use this link to ‘Word for 2016…’ and scroll for downloading it as a Word or pdf document. More easily, however, read it courtesy of James Bailey with extensive comments on his Z3News by clicking here.

Thomas’ document begins:

‘The Lord has confirmed that the church as a whole has shifted to a new season and consequently we must build on the Apostolic and Prophetic foundation laid out in Ephesians 2:20. The attached document has been collated by Thomas Harry, through the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to communicate this word to the global church. Due to the urgent nature of this word, please circulate this to believers and leaders both here in the UK and beyond. I urge every believer and leader to take the time to read through this as it is certainly one of the most important words for the church in many years.’

I’m grateful to Thomas for kindly quoting a couple of items from this blog. Furthermore, we know from recent posts there are many more confirmations than those he quotes. (Not to mention the content of daily Lion Bites from Glasgow Prophetic Centre.)

Moreover, this blog’s A New Era for the Church lists over 40 prophetical promises made before November 2014 and building up over the following year; presumably leading to a tipping point!

A Revival-related Dream

The dream I’d had a few hours before reading his email was this.:

A crowd that I supposed had come from a church were milling around and confused. One man of some standing sharply accused me, “You’re not a Christian”.  Upon my addressing that issue the scene changed and time seemed to pass, as though the dream’s earlier part was about historical events.

At one point my spectacle lens is about to fall out and so I use my special screwdriver to adjust and tighten it. (This symbolises a change in clarity of vision in order to understand the dream’s meaning – and what was about to unfold!)

Then I find I’m looking into large hall inside a building – the ceiling’s not visible but I sense it’s open to the heavens(!) The distant walls resemble many side chapels in a large cathedral. One is noticeable and commemorates the period of Celtic saints in pre-Catholic British church.

Heather ClarkAnd NOW – actually whilst typing – I’m getting distinct ripples and chills down my neck as Heather Clark sings, “For the Lord our God He is holy…holy, holy, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty…” in her distinctive rendition of Exalt The Lord. (‘Glorious Praise’ cd.)

The hall in my dream is jam-packed with excited believers, quite the opposite of the earlier scenes. Someone nearby holds his Bible to his mouth (signifying not only he will speak in accordance with scripture but also as led by the Lord; ie. with full prophetic anointing).  And so I understand he’s going to preach with a holy unction….

But then the alarm goes off!

The dream’s impact left a lingering impression. So I chuckled upon reading our morning prayer focus from Keep Praying and Bless. The day’s scripture is 1 Chronicles 16:29,

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His Name!

We decree that a day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

After the daily prayer of blessing for our family, friends, locality and that day’s particular city came its specific blessing:

“We bless the nation to receive a spirit of worship, to give glory and honour to Almighty God, that His Glorious Name be praised by all men.

How appropiate – even more so when I read Thomas’ email.

May you too be mightily blessed…

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