What is the “Gospel of the Kingdom”?

Since posting a couple of items on orthodox Judaism’s reconciliation with Christianity (here and here) – as well as on Time – I revisited Romans 9-11 (which continues in 12:1 ‘Therefore…’ ) to prepare a follow-up. So this weekend I was mulling over the disciples’ prayer, “Our Father…Your Kingdom, let it come” and their wanting Jesus to tell them when that would happen (Acts 1:6). This morning ‘God-incidence’ arranged an email about Nelson Walters’ incisive new post on these matters (note interesting discussion thread too):

Credit: The Gospel In The End Times

Credit: The Gospel In The End Times

‘During Jesus’s earthly ministry we are told he came preaching the “gospel of the Kingdom.” How is this Gospel of the Kingdom different from what we all have come to know as the “Gospel?”

One of our regular readers asked me to comment on this topic, and I think….Continue reading > What is the “Gospel of the Kingdom?”

6 thoughts on “What is the “Gospel of the Kingdom”?

    • Exactly so my friend. John 14:23 is fundamental to our discipleship AND it has a most marvellous promise: Jesus said. “If anyone loves Me he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.” Quite awesome (in the true meaning of that over-hackneyed word)!

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  1. Dear Richard, I was shocked and taken aback when this came up, its as though everything I have been querying or looking into at the moment is just being highlighted.

    I had recently picked up on the fact Jesus always preached the Kingdom of Heaven/God saying that it had come near and told the disciples to preach the same. What puzzled me is we didn’t appear to preach the same gospel even after Jesus commanded us to preach the Gospel, in fact I had over the years noticed quite a few things Jesus commanded us to do and it appears we do it differently. In my naivety I presumed that the gospel must be the Kingdom of Heaven/God as Jesus didn’t preach anything else hence my puzzlement. As a result I had an email conversation with a friend and minister of the gospel Richard H-S who I trust and never makes me feel silly for asking and helped me as I didn’t want to get off track.

    So thank you

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    • Know what you mean Lynne, and that puzzled John Wimber. After he heard about Jesus he went into a church and expected to see the same. As it wasn’t happening he started up his own movement – Vineyard

      That same shock hit me in 1950s (see Churches in Conflict sub-head in http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-42R) Many are now realising the difference and I may post some thoughts to help readers.

      You may not have met or heard Paul Keith Davies but I’ve just been catching up at long last on what he brought at Cardiff last year. Ladies had to bring him tissues as he wept over a vision of Father during his session. What he then shares is a much better reply than mine but will need an hour to listen > http://companyofburninghearts.podomatic.com/ – 3rd item. (Richard may like to hear too) Be mightily blessed

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      • Thank you Richard its a relief to hear others have the same reaction, I am definitely one of those the Father calls as the foolish to confound the wise, so when something like this happens I’m a bit hesitant thinking I must have missed something somewhere.

        Thank you for the link, I have heard of him and will definitely listen and I know Richard will too. God Bless

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