“Rosenberg blasts Obama for snubbing Jordan’s King Abdullah” – CBN News.

An important addition to Joel’s earlier reports about this notable leader. (Updated on Obama carves out 5 minutes for King!) UPDATE 16 Jan: debkafile’s military and intelligence sources say King Abdullah’s decision to team up with Moscow starts a whole new ball game rolling on policy-making and intelligence-sharing. He doesn’t plan to shut down his shared command center with the US and Israel, but the center of gravity of Jordan’s military and intelligence efforts will be redirected to the new center with Russia, representing a major earthquake in those areas. Amman is working hard to downplay the new partnership, presenting it as designed to foster better coordination between the American and Russian military efforts in Syria and the war on the Islamic State.That picture is misleading….continue reading here. (emphasis added)

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(Virginia Beach, Virginia) — The following is an article published by CBN News:

President Barack Obama’s decision to pass on meeting Jordan’s King Abdullah is a sign that the president doesn’t understand the Middle East or how to fight radical Islam, author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg told CBN News.

Jordan is a key U.S. ally in the Middle East and the fight against the Islamic State. Abdullah is in Washington this week, but Obama, who will give his final State of the Union Address tonight, has declined to meet with him citing “scheduling conflicts,” according to a report by The Times of Israel.

“He had time for Matt Lauer this morning on the ‘Today Show.’…

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1 thought on ““Rosenberg blasts Obama for snubbing Jordan’s King Abdullah” – CBN News.

  1. God in control and the one we are leaving out is God the most important person in the Universe. HE and HIS law and court is higher than our Supreme court by a hug degree. God says HE stand up in heaven and just laughs at our puny ideas. We need HIM above all else and we need to be like David of the Bible and ask of HIM on every thing.


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