“I am the Lord of Time”

Clock from 4SignpostsBrian Simmons, leader of The Passion Translation team, was blessed with this ‘golden nugget’ about Jesus’ Lordship over Time, to which I’d referred in my early post Why I’m on the Lookout. Also, The Nature of Time  opens, “Thank you Lord that you exist outside and inside Time – you are Always and Now!”

Brian writes, ‘I hear His whisper…“I am the Lord of Time”,

“Come closer to Me and I will bring you into My realm, the realm of eternity. In My glory, time stands still and forever fills the moment. I want to give you insights into My ways that cannot be understood using the measurements of time. I created the panorama of time and I am the Lord of the moment, the I AM.

“My glory fills the ages even as My glory fills the heavens. Time is My servant, for I stand between the years to bring to pass My eternal purpose. Why would you worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow is My servant. It will give to you all that I have designed. The enemy cannot touch your future, for I have given you a destiny and an expected end. I am the Lord of time.

“The years to come will be filled with glory, for My radiant robe of splendor has been cast upon the years ahead. Each year will be My servant and will carry sweet invitations to you to come closer and taste the glory of My eternal realm. Fill your heart with thoughts of My splendor. Worry and fear will not go with you into the future, but I will, for I am the Lord of Forever.”

Amen – let it be so Lord.

FootnoteThank you to my friend William Smith for sending me a copy of Brian’s email and for introducing me to his translation work .

Feasting on FatherBill is also author of a special work in preparing for Revival, Feasting on the Father. Upon reading the first chapter’s remark about seeing from the Lord’s perspective on problematic issues, I gained a fresh insight on the hope of improvement in awkward relationships. Later, in an unexpected contact I was astonished at a surprising change: thank you Lord!

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