News alert: Israel extremely nervous over Russian ops in Golan area

Eschatological events continue to accelerate with this news just out from Debkafile.

Monday’s conspicuous goodwill between PM Netanyahu and President Putin at the Paris climate summit may possibly have soured by Tuesday because a meeting of senior military officers convened to discuss the two army commands’ cooperation wasn’t held. So far, this cooperation has averted clashes between Israeli air force and Russian warplanes over Syria.

The Special Report states,

‘Debkafile’s military sources report that this week, the show of optimism is giving way to an uneasy sensation in the offices of the prime minister, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and the IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady. They suspect an ulterior motive behind Russia’s military movements in southern Syria, especially its air strikes against Syrian rebels, just across from Israel’s Golan border….’ (continue reading here).

Intercessors may wish to note the finer details of this informative Report. It concludes by noting,

‘Officials in Jerusalem point out that the threat to Golan peaked just hours after the Russian leader met the prime minister in Paris. Putin is conducting a hands-on policy on Syria and keeps close track of the slightest occurrence on the battlefield. He must have been perfectly aware of the state of play on the Golan when he met Netanyahu, but nonetheless kept it out of their conversation.’

The earlier reference to a possible ulterior motive made me recall Tony Puccio’s recent comment on my 2-part post on Paris regarding his dream of October 2014 about Betrayal, viz:

“I had a dream 10/21/2014 where I saw what I believe to be   leaders of nations gathered around a table. Putin stood out as a prominent figure in the dream and it seemed that a peace treaty was being signed by the various nations with Russia. I saw Putin sign with his right hand and then I saw that in his left hand, which was behind his back, he was holding a large dagger. A dagger from what I have come to know almost always indicates a betrayal, or, as the saying goes, a knife in the back. I did not get a sense of the nations that were involved, only Russia stood out.”

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