Update on comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s faith

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby (Reuters)

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby (Reuters)

Some who read the previous post soon after its publication may not know the Archbishop of Canterbury has since explained on his official blog what he’d said in a televised interview.

I inserted that original material in my blog whilst prepping the draft because it illustrates what we’re seeing happen, even to believers, as prophesied about global events by Nathan Morris.

So I wrote as follows but have amended (emboldened text) the closing paragraph  to reflect Justin Welby’s update:

‘Consider this with yesterday’s headline ‘Paris attacks made me ‘doubt’ presence of God, admits Archbishop of Canterbury’, as in yesterday’s BBC Songs of Praise. (See also The Independent and Daily Mail.)  Justin Welby candidly admits the massacre caused him to doubt where God is and why it happened and that it made a “chink in his armour”.

‘BUT the Press fails to quote him in fullwhat’s new? In telling presenter Aled Jones of his seeking and engaging the Lord over the issue, Justin was asked, “What answers did He give you?” – he replied:

“He said, “In the middle of it”! And also an answer from the Psalms, Psalm 56 – ‘He stores up our tears in a bottle’. None of our sufferings are lost!”

‘See also Justin Welby’s official site for his Statement on Paris Attacks, as well as a blog published after this one was posted and in which His Grace explains Why Arguing with God is not the same as not believing in him. Interesting to read because it’s easy to infer from the references to two psalms how much the BBC edited out of the interview. What else would we expect in view of its jaundiced, inaccurate coverage of Israel, as monitored by BBC Watch?

[Hat tip to Anne Kelly for notifying me. Thanks Anne.]

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