Birmingham, 16th January – Exposing the spirits of jezebel & antichrist

Harvest Church eventOver lunch with William Smith, author of Feasting on the Father and his wife Susanna yesterday we discussed the undesirable and adverse effect of church leaders who let a controlling, religious spirit – which is demonic and thus divisive – quench things of the Holy Spirit within church; even resulting in churches splitting up!  Now hasn’t that been a strategy of satan since the days of the first disciples and throughout church history?

There are even well-intentioned prayer meetings that study the Word of God supposing certain scriptures as suitable for the purposes of intercession, but which are adamant in not listening to what the Lord has to say, as though blocking ears when direct words or pictures are brought from the Lord!  As Dr Sharon Stone oft states: “The religious spirit hates the spirit of prophecy” (let’s recall Revelation 19:10 – the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy).

So the news of an event I received the same morning, which would enable the Bride to discern and overcome the adversary’s strategies and facilitate moving into the new era of the church, would be exceptionally timely, essential instruction and ministry:

Harvest Ministries recommends Exposing the Spirits of Jezebel and of Antichrist to anyone in church leadership of any kind, is involved in the prophetic or has a healing ministry. Harvest Ministries is associated with The Revival Alliance.

This one day event is hosted by Harvest Ministries with teaching by Wes Boxall, who has pastored for over 20 years. He has done extensive research into the spirits of Jezebel, Anti-Chris and Mammon. He has discovered, startlingly, these spirits directly oppose and counterfeit the Godhead! These divisive spirits would like nothing more than to tear-down, divide, exhaust and otherwise incapacitate the church.

This day is likely be as shocking as it is informative!

However we, as the church, cannot afford to allow these spirits to influence our lives. As we step up, and step out, into our destinies and spiritual gifts, we must be on guard and resist the enemy.

For details of this event and to book online click this link.

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