Patsy Southway: howling fresh wind!

PwordAs well as harmonising with several recent prophetic words this follow-on from Patsy has a particularly pertinent reference to ‘Acceleration’, which has often been referred to on this blog. Patsy writes:

Patsy SouthwayThis morning (Thurs 29th October) I awoke at 5am to a howling wind blowing all around the house.  With my window open, I could hear the trees swaying and the many leaves being blown about.

I was reminded that earlier this year, during the month of May, God spoke to me about a FRESH WIND (earlier blog) and this morning as I was listening to a natural wind, He said that

“I am sending another FRESH WIND!”

In this NEW fresh wind, we, his children, are being given a choice.  We can choose to embrace what He is doing and flow with that, which means we will be totally out of our depth! OR we can choose to continue in the same way.  Doing ‘stuff’ as we have been, or embracing the NEW, it’s all good; but the NEW is better than the OLD!!

Sadly, I saw many people getting offended as this FRESH wind was blowing away strong cobwebs (some established networks, I believe) to make way for the NEW.  I was sensing His heart, the desire for us, his sons and daughters, to have a desire to embrace the NEW!


I saw an acceleration of AWAKENING!  This also, He had already spoken to me about earlier this year.  There is an acceleration to RIGHTEOUSNESS – the righteousness of God upon the NATIONS.

Changes in our Governments, Churches, Schools and families were happening as Holy Spirit brings about Heavens plans and strategies.  I felt that too many of us, His family, have embraced a mantle of hopelessness where more attention has been paid to news reports rather than what Father is saying and doing.  John 5:19

This morning, let’s break off ANY ungodly attachments in Jesus name and embrace this NEW WIND that He is releasing.


As some of you will know, this month we officially started our HOP (A303 House of Prayer) this was in obedience to what God had shown me a few years ago.  As I was journaling earlier this week He reminded me of the Prayer Hubs that we will be connecting with across the nations.

As there is a ‘return to prayer’ happening right now, we will see these NEW hubs surfacing.  They will be connected by those with a burning passion to see the Kingdom Of God powerfully over their villages, towns and cities with the effects rippling out to ALL the nations. Lastly, as I was reading Johns gospel this morning 6:27/29 the disciples were asking Jesus, “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?” Jesus answered:

“This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.”


3 thoughts on “Patsy Southway: howling fresh wind!

  1. Hi Richard,
    After reading this, I just felt prompted to share a word that God gave to me on June 15th last year (strangely enough, when I went to find my old journal which I’d written this word down in, lo and behold, it was folded open on exactly the right page!)
    “For some time the church in the UK has been battling against a head wind. We’ve had the wind against us. Despite our best efforts, particularly in the area of evangelism, progress has been slow. It’s as though we’ve had the wind and rain in our face, and been buffeted by the elements. There’s been a sense of three steps forward and two steps back. But there is a fresh wind blowing! A wind of change is on the way! It’s the wind of the Holy Spirit and its coming to our aid! It’s a tail wind which will propel us forward! Acceleration is suddenly coming. The Lord has heard our cry, He has seen our growing hunger for breakthrough. Suddenly those things that were difficult will suddenly be done with ease, because it’s not about your effort. Hope is carried on this wind. When you feel this wind you must hoist up your sails! Hoist up your sails and get ready for acceleration! Some of you have longed for things, for salvation for family members, for breakthrough in healings and miracles – let fresh hope arise today for it will surely come about.
    This wind comes upon my church to propel you out! You will go out into the community, to the highways and byways. You will no longer stay hidden behind four walls. This wind will send you OUT and propel you to new horizons.
    This wind also blows through the harvest – it is blowing on the lost and broken, the sinner with the hardest heart – this wind is stirring the harvest. It’s blowing now! I see dandelion clocks, the little seeds caught on the wind. The seed of the gospel will be caught on this wind and will travel far
    and wide! It will propel the lost and the prodigal into my house. They will not be able to resist this wind~ as it carries such power. For it’s the wind of my Spirit!”
    Praise God -I truly believe the time is now!

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      • Thanks Richard – I haven’t blogged about it. Just shared it at our church. But perhaps I should have done? The wonderful thing is, we are beginning to see a shift. Prodigals are beginning to return, and last week five people responded to the gospel on a course at our church!

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