Angelic reveille over the British Isles cont’d – fresh wind globally

This continues Patsy Southway’s prophetic dream she published on PICK Ministries as Great Britain – Angels of Wake Up! and which is reposted on this blog here. A week later Patsy writes:

Patsy SouthwayFollowing on from my first blog regarding the Angels of Wake Up published on the 22nd August, as I was sensing that there would be a ‘part two’ this is what was released to me during the week while I joined others hungry for more of God.

God reminded me of the Angels of Wake Up and then in an open vision showed me a HUGE clock.

There were so many parts to this clock, from tiny cogs to very, very large wheels.  Near the base of this clock was a large circular piece, a movement, that was swaying clockwise – anti-clockwise, clockwise then anti-clockwise in that rhythm.  I found myself physically moving with the rhythm of this HUGE clock.  Tick tock – tick tock – tick tock. Then I began singing a little prophetic jingle – Tick tock, tick tock, it’s time to STOP, it’s time to stop, anything that’s not in God’s Rhythm!

Anything that’s out of His timing, out of His rhythm, will cause this huge clock to malfunction.  I could then see the disorder that comes when we’re not flowing with Him.


As I continued to admire this beautiful HUGE clock, I felt a fresh wind coming and bringing with it a SETTING IN ORDER of that which is out-of-sync.  I also saw a REPOSITIONING of many people in preparation for something much bigger that’s coming!

Then God showed me a map of His World.  In several places, in different nations, I could see people on trains and buses being brought to a halt!   Masses of people getting off transport and wondering what to do?  Where to go?  At the onset of these happenings there is total chaos.  This reminded me of the current refugee crisis in Europe, but I sensed that these were people ‘in general’ just going about their business on their way to work, etc.

It was as though someone had switched off the power for commuting!!  Trains and buses coming to a halt!!


As I’m seeing this, wondering what’s going to happen…….SUDDENLY Heaven comes down.  There is calm, there is peace, there is order, there is organisation, there is MULTIPLICATION (previous blog) of food, of water, of life!!  Because the LIFE-GIVER has come!

Whatever chaos, whatever strategies and plans the enemy has dreamed up, our God, our Father, is SINGING over us.  He releases LIFE – PURPOSE – DESTINY!

As Father has released these Angels of Wake Up to the United Kingdom, and I believe in other NATIONS also, (in particular, America) placing them in strategic places; awakening the WATCHMEN, awakening the INTERCESSORS and generally AWAKENING His CHURCH, our response must be to join Him.  To intercede for the Governments, the Cities and the Nations, in preparation, for this imminent outpouring that, as yet, this world has never known and we will move into an entirely NEW LEVEL of what it means to be a CHRISTIAN – a CHRIST-follower in these days.

Such GLORIOUS days ahead…

PICK Ministries

Courtesy of PICK Ministries

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