Angelic reveille over Great Britain & Ireland

Patsy Southway is based in the West Country in the heart of Somerset and has been involved in various levels of ministry and leadership roles across denominations for over 25 years, including co-pastoring an AOG Church. This sister in the Lord was blessed with the following dream earlier this month and published it on PICK Ministries blogspot last Saturday:

Courtesy of PICK Ministries


I had a dream over a week ago that I’ve been processing and I’m sensing to share it this morning.

Close friends know that previous to this dream the Lord has been speaking to me about the ‘BUGLAR’ [sic].  I had pulled into a garage for fuel and a guy walked right in front of my car, causing me to brake quickly and on the back of his overalls was a large label with ‘BUGLAR’ on it.  On the same day I was stuck in traffic and a van pulls in front of me that says, ‘BUGLAR’.

During that same week whilst taking my son to work I saw TWO cows give birth. Although I was in my car the cows were so close to the fence that I could have got out and touched them.

In my previous blogs you’ll read about the DOUBLE that God has speaking to me about for this year.  So I’ve been spending more time with Him this past week to get a handle on all this.

During this time the Lord gave me a dream:

I saw a map of Great Britain and Angels with Bugles have been placed in specific places in Scotland – England – Ireland – Wales.  Behind the BUGLAR Angels were taller Angels holding long, large trumpets.

I could also see that many people had become tired in the process of journey.  Some had given up, others had adapted an attitude of ‘why bother’ and apathy had set in.  But intercession has been made and I sensed that in response to all of that God was showing me how to continue to pray for the unfolding of His plans for this nation.

The Bugle is used in the armed forces to awaken the soldiers at dawn.  God has placed these Angels in strategic places to blow their bugles – to AWAKEN the Church; the people of God to HIS plans and purposes for this nation at this time.

It appeared that these Angels will AWAKEN – sound the alarm, first, then the taller Angels that I could see behind them will blow their trumpets.  I understand that these trumpets are used for the purposes of HERALDING in the NEW – and ANNOUNCEMENTS of ARRIVAL  (In Royal circles and Government) they have also been positioned to announce the ARRIVAL (the NEW births that I had seen earlier).

I could see the tiredness, the apathy that the enemy has released over the nation being turned around.

There has been things done in secret, in, and over our nation that God IS revealing as we are awakened!

I was reminded of this scripture:  Luke 8:17 ‘For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest: neither anything hid that shall not be made known’.

I’m sensing that this is only Part One – I’ll be sharing Part Two as and when He releases it to me.

Please join me in prayer as we continue to see the unfolding of God’s rule, God’s reign, God’s righteousness over the nations.

Continue reading in Part 2 >

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Pat’s remarks on trumpets used for royalty remind me of Nina’s description of when she heard them (from On the majesty of His Majesty, The King of Kings):

“There were 100 of us present, sipping champagne and chatting when – suddenly! – Her Majesty’s trumpeters appeared up in the gallery and heralded her arrival.

“There was more than a hush in the room, the air was electric. You could hardly breathe with expectancy. Suddenly, A GREAT BLAST came from their trumpets in fanfare!!! Then a voice boomed out,

“Ladies and gentlemen – Her Majesty The Queen!”

“Her Majesty was in the room amongst us. You did not hear her coming – she was just ‘there’! It was a WOW moment!!”

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