On the majesty of His Majesty, The King of Kings

Nina was once again invited to address a Christmas Breakfast gathering of groups that meet regularly in the Aldershot-Farnborough area organised by Juliet Peatling. Our dear friend is painstaking to honour the Lord in preparations, especially in the exquisite way He inspires her creatively with handicrafts, in which she is highly skilled.

And both are prepared well in advance by Him! Early in the year Juliet started preparing cards and decided upon the theme for this Christmas meeting. When she called my wife to ask if she could speak on God’s majesty, neither of them were surprised that Nina had already heard the title and been given what to say. That had happened a couple of years ago too, which was on ‘Peace’. (We were pleasantly surprised upon arriving at the venue to find the colour scheme she used with that matched what Nina was wearing!)

This year’s Breakfast was held in Kings Community Church located in Aldershot. Juliet had decorated and laid out tables with place names and personal presents for each guest. It was as though we were to attend a special breakfast-banquet with our King – Spectacular, as these photos show. Nina’s address follows below:


“Good morning and God bless you. Juliet asked me to speak today – over 6 months ago.

“I set time aside to pray and see what I should write. Then I put the notes away until a few weeks ago – it was just to look at what I had written, not to make major changes.

“Now some of you will have been at the last 2 breakfasts and heard Mair talk. I was at the last one and, to my amazement, she said two or three things I’m going to say – almost verbatim.

“No, she hadn’t read my notes so she could copy what I was going to say. Neither did Juliet tell her beforehand.

“So if two of us are saying the same thing – independently of each other – I guess that the good Lord has a point he wants to make. It’s something important. So I will leave it to you to pick up on it.

“Yes it’s true, another year has gone and here we are again. The subject this Christmas is Majesty.

“I don’t feel particularly qualified to speak on the enormity of this word. We have such small brains and it is such a big word. If I ask each one of you to define the word ‘majesty’, I wonder what words you would use?

(A brief pause…)

“It is the highest rank you can hold. The Queen is ‘Her Majesty’. She reigns supreme in this country. Hers is the highest title – as a human being.

“I read recently these words describing His Majesty – Our Lord – by Archbishop Justin Welby [RB note: from chat with Charles Moore, who asked him if he knows Jesus].:

“He is both someone one knows and someone one scarcely knows at all. An utterly intimate friend and yet an indescribable majesty.”

“Psalm 93 verse 1 says,

The Lord reigns, he is robed in majesty and is armed with strength.

“The description of Psalm 93 in my Bible is quite wonderful; “It is a hymn to the eternal,universal and invincible reign of the Lord”.

“Let me read that again,“It is a hymn to the eternal,universal and invincible reign of the Lord”.

“May I suggest you all read Psalm 93?

“Now let’s go on a short journey and unwrap the word ‘Majesty’ a little…

“Many years ago I had the privilege of being at a champagne reception at the Banqueting Hall in Whitehall, London, hosted by the Queen and Prince Philip. Beforehand, we were notified of the required code of dress, security check and behaviour etc. All very exciting.

“There were 100 of us present, sipping champagne and chatting when – suddenly! – Her Majesty’s trumpeters appeared up in the gallery and heralded her arrival.

“There was more than a hush in the room, the air was electric. You could hardly breathe with expectancy. Suddenly, A GREAT BLAST came from their trumpets in fanfare!!!

“Then a voice boomed out, “Ladies and gentlemen – Her Majesty The Queen!”.

“Her Majesty was in the room amongst us. You did not hear her coming – she was just ‘there’! It was a WOW moment !!

“So now let me take you further/deeper/higher…

MajestyOne day we are going to be in the presence our heavenly Father, His Majesty, THE King – not A king – THE King of kings!

“When we make that decision to give the Lord charge of the rest of our lives we become adopted sons and daughters

“Therefore, if we truly believe that we are sons and daughters of the King of kings, His Majesty, how do we see ourselves?”

(A brief pause…)

“Members of the royal family have status/authority. They are ambassadors representing the king or queen. How do we represent His Majesty, The King of kings

“As I just said: before meeting the Queen I was told what to wear, what code of dress to be observed etc.

“So what will we be wearing before His Majesty?

“How presentable will we be?

“Will we have clean hands and a pure heart?

“Or, will there be some blemishes not yet dealt with?

“Might it be an idea to deal with them/address them while there is time however long time is? I want to face my heavenly Father, His Majesty, knowing I did my best.”

(A brief pause…)

“Was I qualified to meet the Queen? – Yes, I had a certificate and an invitation

“Am I qualified to be before His Majesty – Yes, I am his adopted daughter. As confirmed in Ephesians 1.”

(A brief pause…)

“Lastly, as I close:

“The effect on me of the heralded arrival of the Queen and being in her company was a wow moment in my life – almost life changing!

“How about when the time comes to meet His Majesty – THE KING?

“How awesome will that be, what expectation, what excitement!

“What a life changing second before His Majesty!

“Think about it…”

(Nina pauses, then reads lyrics to a well-known worship song by Tuinfort and friends…)

“I can only imagine what it will be like when I walk by your side.

“I can only imagine what my eyes will see when Your face is before me.

“Surrounded by Your Glory what will my heart feel?

“Will I dance for You, Jesus, or in awe of you be still?

“Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall?

“Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all?

“I can only imagine,

“I can only imagine,

“I can only imagine when that day comes and I find myself standing in the Son.

“I can only imagine when all I will do is forever, forever worship You.” 

Continued in ‘Radiant Majesty’ >>

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