“The books are being opened” – come, feast on Father

Feasting on FatherUpon receiving William’s news on Monday I sensed, “The books are being opened”.

It blessed me to learn that he too, like fellow author Neil, had been encouraged by events after my mentioning him in last Thursday’s blog. Both friends had emailed me earlier that week and Bill forwarded an interesting online article that deserved a wider airing.

Last week, I intended blogging about the Iranian nuclear deal but realised it had to be in 3 parts. The first wasn’t thought of until ‘getting out of bed’. What became the second part was meant to lead into a look at questionable details of that deal. That part reveals the synchronicity between the final accord and a highly significant period in the Jewish Calendar. Its cross-posting from Breaking Israeli News had been quickly done but needed a brief introduction on the Thursday before my main task of compiling the substantive ‘stuff’.

However, as told in IF, I hadn’t got out of bed…, I was inspired the previous evening to make a note for beginning the combined material – only to wake up, get waylaid and need to re-jig my plans for blog-day.

As I got diverted into new but directly relevant material, I recalled William Smith is an author too and therefore provided details of his book, ‘Feasting On The Father’. Little did I suspect that another ‘God-incident’ was getting under way!

It was ‘time’ for Revd Bill’s book too, because on Monday he emailed, “I want to say ‘thank you’ for advertising my book afresh…The timing was so incredibly significant to me”. He was visited by a friend who’d read it and believes it’s a vital word for the church today.

Bill remains convinced God had him write it for a needy church and many who agree   it’s an important essential word to the church encouraged him.

Some reviews:

So click on the above image to take a look inside and to get from Amazon, noting this fellow writer’s 5-star review:
“This book comes from a warm place. It is written for Christians but is accessible to all and draws on the simple yet profound symbolism of food and drink. It is a book of praise to God, using rich and often beautiful imagery and language. William Smith encourages Christians to thrive rather than just survive in life. Like any good read it is a book which challenges but is also often comforting. Littered with scripture references this is a book designed to help the reader draw closer to God.”

And another:
“A beautiful book, well written and inspirational, taking the reader on a journey into the depths of the love, grace and provision of a loving Father God to His children. A cracking read!!”

Bestselling and award-winning author Dr Mark Stibbe remarks,
“A stunning piece of work! I am constantly being sent manuscripts, especially by new authors. If I’m brutally honest, many of these offer only scraps of revelation. Just occasionally a book comes my way that offers far more than that – a true feast of Abba’s wisdom and insight. Bill’s book is a great example of this. I unreservedly encourage you to come to the table he has so meticulously and lovingly prepared. Come hungrily and you will not be disappointed. A banquet of brilliance awaits.”


‘This book is an in-depth Bible study, centred on Song of Solomon chapter 2 and revealing the heart of a loving Father throughout the scriptures. Far from being academic theory, the teaching is a heart-to-heart talk and passionate exploration of how to enjoy God’s intended relationship every moment of our lives.

‘The Bible is essentially a love story – a book that reveals the heart of a Father towards his children. God does not keep his distance from us, nor is it his desire to punish us. On the contrary, his love compelled him to send his only son into an imbalanced world – to suffer in our place, and to bring us back to the Father as royal sons. Now, we are welcome to the table of the King of Kings…

‘The truths explained in this book have the power to change your life. Once you have feasted on the Father, you will not want to look back.’

Personal note:

One Saturday morning several years ago Nina and I took a quick drive to a meeting in Portsmouth convened by a couple we knew connected to Toronto Airport Fellowship. At the first coffee break a couple joined us at our table and got chatting.

Sharing a connection with the Gathering Place, Blandford, opened up conversation and  ‘Revd Bill’ and I have since kept in touch. He’s a most encouraging supporter of my efforts at keeping the church informed and I’ve quoted him on several occasions.

SO Bill, this is to acknowledge your long-standing, unstinting support with immense gratitude.

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