A Trend Continues: Iran’s Rise in Influence

It’s reported this week that ISIS wiped out the forward command group of an Al Qods Brigades commando force early Monday, Jan. 12, killing its commander (Debkafile). Also, ISIS systematic targeting of top officers fighting them in Iraq, especially the Iranians, led to an assassination attempt upon the C-in-C of that elite IRGC force. See also the comment which expands upon this news.


Prior to the Second Signpost which is the invasion of the Middle East by Iran, we would expect to see Iran’s power and regional influence continue to increase.  We saw in this post Iran’s increasing power, and in this post its increasing influence in the region, particularly in Iraq.

This is a trend that should continue for months (or possibly years) prior to the Second Signpost.  Adding another data point to this trend, this news story was just released.  According to a poll taken of Iraqis, Iran – and not the U.S. – is seen to be Iraq’s best ally when it comes to fighting the Islamic State (IS).

Iraqi Hezbollah march in Baghdad with a portrait of Iran's Supreme Leader Iraqi Hezbollah march in Baghdad with a portrait of Iran’s Supreme Leader

In a post from six months ago, Is ISIS the Trigger for the Second Signpost? I wrote,

“I could very well be wrong, but here is my opinion nonetheless. Indications show…

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